another eoi azmari (2nd, nyc regional)

groenkaaf 1153

was pretty happy with beales, despite losing a slot and 18 creds from the SSLs.

operation suite felt about right: each one was game-winning at some point on the day and the numbers felt good. i cut ASI for the 2nd turnpike the morning of the event.

the border controls felt pretty replaceable; i don't think i rezzed one all day. that said, i think most people avoid challenging the remote if at all possible, so the threat of BC is maybe too important to cut. other than that i was very pleased with the ice suite.

26 Jun 2019 AkAnderson

Congrats on your finish! I've been out of the game for a bit; can you explain your usage of Thimblerig? Thanks!

26 Jun 2019 groenkaaf

@AkAnderson thimblerig is great for any deck with positional ice. you can move taxing but porous ice like slot machine to the outside of a server, swap ravens between a central and the remote, etc. basically it unpunishes you for suboptimal early ice placement. it's also the cheapest code gate gear check in current rotation.

26 Jun 2019 AkAnderson

@groenkaaf Totally makes sense, thank you.