Jimmy Johns (Ridiculously Fast Food) (6-0) 1st place Gamesvi

maestro 809

Runner Meta is slow, so go fast. Grail is scary, ice suite is weird, score a Nisei MK II and ride it to a quick victory! Every choice in this deck was made with pure speed and annoyance in mind. It also basically blanks Whizzard, which is super nice for how prevalent he is at the top tables. Just remember to trust in the Psi Games!

Problems: Rumor Mill kills this deck if you don't already have a Nisei MK II scored. My usual strategy against rumor mill is to score out before they have it out with a way into my scoring remote. However, a good solution to this problem might be to switch out Green Level Clearance with Targeted Marketing. I haven't tried it out but it gets money pretty well, clears rumor mill and can target parasite for basically infinite money. So, Targeted Marketing is probably going in come my next edit.

Tournament Report

Round 1 En Passant Val WIN: I tossed away a 2 agenda 1 ice hand for and 2 agenda Excalibur only ice hand. Fortunately, my opponent did not want to test what ice I had over HQ and instead started drawing up a storm. I ended up drawing like crazy as well as my hand starts flooding with agendas. Fortunately, ICE also starts coming in fast and furious and I am able to secure both my centrals and my remotes and I go to slam my first Nisei MK II. My opponent tries to challenge the remote with a double blackmail play but caprice puts an end to both runs. I immediately slam another Nisei MK II as she tries to go for a DDOS medium play. Little does she know that all of the agendas are in my hand and she only scores 1 Corporate Sales Team. I end up IAAing a future perfect to close out the game. (1-0)

Round 2 Reavershop Kate WIN: I get an incredibly good 2 agenda 2 ice 1 economy card draw and start scoring niseis as early as turn 3. Meanwhile, my opponent can't find her pawnshop and does not even have the money to contest. (2-0)

Round 3 Stealth Temujin Smoke WIN: I again toss a 2 agenda hand for a 2 agenda Excalibur hand. Fortunately my first draw nets an ice and I am able to defend both central servers so that the temujin goes on archives. My opponent proceeds to get more money than god as I proceed to build a scoring remote with an advanced nisei in it. He does not contest for lack of breakers and makes more money. However, my next IA has him running my server head on. I end up rezzing a Lancelot pop a Batty and then trashed his whole rig upon revealing another lancelot and a Galahad. By the end of the game he had over 50 credits and no real hope of winning. (3-0)

Round 4 Regass Maxx WIN: knowing who I was playing against, I knew that I had to play fast, so turn 2 had me installing a Wraparound and a Nisei MK II with an advancement. He was unable to find his paperclip and I scored a Nisei MK II the next turn. Turn 4 had me installing a Corporate Sales Team with an advancement behind that same wraparound and again, Maxx was unable to find a fractor. This pretty much sealed the game for Maxx but a vamp to nisei counter to Same ol' Thing vamp made things interesting at the end. Unfortunately for him, he could not win the psi games and ended up losing out.

Cut to Top 4:

Game 1 Andromeda with a lot of econ and weird breakers WIN: Jonny always brings something interesting to tournaments and this andy deck that ran deuces wild over paperclip was no exception. Unfortunately for him, however, this is one of my most experienced matchups on both sides of the table and I was able to psi game my way into the next Winner's round. (5-0)

Game 2 Grand Finals Loser's side Temujin Whizzard WIN: Ve started strong by dropping mad temujins and challenging my remote before I stuck agendas in there. I ended up scoring an early nisei but the tempo was in her favor as she had her entire breaker suite out with sifr. This all ended up turning around as a Lancelot over rnd proved too expensive for her and I trashed her medium. She ended up winning a psi game on the remote and stole a nisei right out from under me after trashing nearly all of my scoring upgrades. Fortunately, I still have a Caprice Nisei in hand and I end up using it to score yet another nisei. With 2 nisei counters and a The Future Perfect in hand, the game, and the tournament, was mine. (6-0)

I feel like this deck is actually a serious contender if you are not afraid of losing psi games. It forces runners into bad choices and weird situations and with the lack of HQ pressure in the current metagame, it can go even faster than usual.

Thanks to: Gainseville Meta people for helping me test, Callie for running a lovely store at Gamesville Tabletop, my opponents for some great games, and Sean for running the tournament.

24 Jan 2017 sunlance

Longtime Jinteki grail player here, really appreciate your keeping the dream alive. I personally had been scared off the deck by Rumor Mill, but Targeted Marketing does seem to be a spicy solution. Curious about your thoughts on how to deal with Sifr?

24 Jan 2017 maestro

@sunlancethe ice in this deck doesn't really care about sifr because it's so low strength already. Sifr only enables parasite as much as null does. Additionally, sifr is 5 whole credits which slows the runner down quite a bit against how fast this deck is. So, you deal with sifr the same way you deal with everything else, go really fast and hope you win before they kill all of your ice. And remember, ice doesn't end runs, Caprice does. Thanks for supporting the cause!

24 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

I love the great meta read you have made here, also the name is great.

24 Jan 2017 maestro

It's not so much a meta call as it is the only way I know how to play Corp, but thanks!

24 Jan 2017 Lancelot1983

Nothing new and some palana stables are missing. Why did u call it fast??? There no fastadvandesed cards in maby fasttrack. When u want to play fast play with Jeeves and other cards like him.

25 Jan 2017 maestro

@Lancelot1983 Its fast not because it does fast advance but because it wins the game fast. Its a rush deck. Most Palana fast advance decks are really just glacier decks that score out of hand, they don't tend to win very quickly. But ya, this deck doesn't really need any of the new cards, they just tend to slow it down.

25 Jan 2017 Saan

Love it =) I did fairly well with Palana last weekend as well. No one is playing Rumor mill; you might as well capitalize on it =)

25 Jan 2017 CrushU

It's a meta call because the deck rolls over to Val with Rumor Mill.

25 Jan 2017 maestro

@CrushU it's not as bad as you would think it is as I have yet to lose to a val deck despite playing against at least 5 with this deck. Most val lists run only 1 rumor mill in their 50 cards which makes it very unlikely for them to see it early game alongside a blackmail. So, you can usually rush out a Nisei before they rumor mill you. If you can do that, the matchup is not terrible. Now, if the val list runs 2 or 3 rumor mills, it can be pretty nasty. Otherwise, it's all about rushing out quick and playing the odds.

26 Jan 2017 Daxora

Hi! Nice list. I did something similar recently, though I went more for a glacier style deck, I cought myself just rushing out agendas. I have 2 questions though I don't understand. You have 20 ICE in the deck, but only 7 that ends the run. Isn't that a bit too few for a rush style? I guess the grails help, but still. The other thing: Have you considered Protein for your 3 pointer? You could win by scoring only 3 agendas (all 4 cost), and it enables the fast tracks - install - advance play for a next turn win.

26 Jan 2017 maestro

@Daxora I've said this about jinteki rush for a very long time, ice doesn't end the run, Caprice does. Although, for this deck, fear of Grail ends the run about as often as psi games. A lot of the ice choices are centered around being terrifying early game so that they are de facto end the runs like cortex lock. But, at the end of the day, ending the run is usually not a problem for the deck. As for the second question, I have thought about using protein source but never actually gone through with it. Future perfect might be the best agenda in the game if you are good at psi games. It's resilient, it annoys the runner, and most importantly it protects itself from being scored so that you can score it yourself. If I were to run protein source, it would be the one of in an 8 agenda package alongside the TFPs. But, then again I haven't tried it, so it might be worth testing it out.

27 Jan 2017 Daxora

I see. You make a fair point about ICE.

Sure, I never meant to deny the value of TFP. But instead of a bit more protection, Protein can add a bit more tempo. I used 2 of it in an 8 agenda suite with 2 GFI, 3 nisei and 1 philotic.

28 Jan 2017 Crauseon

This could probably be played in Nisei Division: The Next Generation as well, if you tinker about with the ICE suite and add a few PSI ICE?

Not really Grail, but I've been playing Palana with Archer, Clone Retirement (against Valencia) and "Clones are not People". Added Philotic Entanglement and 24/7 News Cycle for giggles. It's fast as well, and punishes a bit differently. Now that you made decklist of the week, maybe people will think I'm playing this and fall into all the traps. ;) Thanks mate.

I found I had problems with money. Then again, you're runnign Sales teams.

29 Jan 2017 maestro

@CrauseonI feel that nisei division for the most part is just an inferior version of Palana due to how much money Palana can get you, but Nisei division has actually been getting some good ice and might not be a bad option anymore. Also, about the money, I find that the deck really needs the corporate sales teams in order to keep up a lot of the time. That is one of the main reasons for the 9 agenda suite as opposed to the safer 8 agenda suite.

29 Jan 2017 notminebydesign

Went undefeated at weekly game night, ate actual Jimmy John's for flavor. Thanks for the build.

30 Jan 2017 konradh

This deck is perfect example of how everyone presumes everyone runs Rumormill, and then it turns out, RM is not so common, because noone was slotting Caprice for months, so it is safe to play Caprice again.

The cycle continues!

1 Feb 2017 MazeBerlin

Nice Deck! It's interesting to see that you play with 21 agenda points. Have you considered exchanging one of your sales teams with a clone retirement to get rid of rumor mill?

1 Feb 2017 Dydra

Man, two years since I stopped playing, I open to see the top rated deck of the week has 1 new card that I didn't know .... Holy crap Netrunner .... I totally feel the game is "progressing" now ...

23 Feb 2017 Cyberzack

I played this deck at a S.C. last weekend and it only lost one game. It got me to the top four! Its a pretty cool build.