Worlds 2018 runner deck, 0-7

Grosseteste 195

I imported some tag protection to a beyoken Successful Demo deck after practicing against a particularly spicy CtM deck the week of, and hearing that basically all of team UK was bringing CtM (why I then got rid of Power Tap is a mystery).

Though I got zero tournament wins, I did score the winning agenda in an NAPD demo match with a Deep Data Mining run.

My Fenris targets were Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar, Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter, and Quetzal: Free Spirit.

Despite my poor showing, I was pretty sad to see a big chunk of the deck getting rotated with SC19. We'll see if I can make a more runny trace-y money Sunny for the Store Champ and before.

15 Mar 2019 webster

Was Paper Tripping meant to take the slots of Power Tap?

15 Mar 2019 CaesarApollo

Good effort! What are you thinking of doing with the changes from SC19?

15 Mar 2019 KingPopovich

Do you think running same old thing for deep data mining recusion would be good? Or drop the maxwell james towards running more deep data mining?

15 Mar 2019 nisei_mickey

surprised by the 1 citadel. have you tried running more copies?

15 Mar 2019 spags

What spicy CTM did you test vs? I def didn’t want to face Sunny at Worlds.

Never drop the Tap.

16 Mar 2019 Grosseteste

@webster, for that I was looking for influence pips and Power Tap was what I (foolishly) chose to get rid of.

@CaesarApollo, drip and link took huge hits, so I'm looking at retooling for lots of runs, which means lots of money for Sunny. Right now the plan is to build around as much Crowdfunding, Au Revoir, and Power Tap as I can fit in there. Hoping to get some jinteki test cycles in before the next local tournament.

@KingPopovich, DDM runs are fun, but MJ was definitely more value for influence. Being able to recur DDM sounds enticing, but since MJ and DDM are both rotated now, it's moot. I would like some recursion and a more affordable tutor.

@nisei_mickey, I'd drop that and Paper Tripping, honestly. During the tournament, tags sticking was never one of my problems, and Citadel and PT weren't helping with that. I think I just got spooked during testing--Sunny is great against traces, but if tags do stick, it's a terrible feeling as Sunny seeing your resources pop-pop-pop away.

@spags, I don't think he published his deck; at the time he was going to bring Sunny to Worlds as well, so maybe he just had a really good handle on the matchup. I definitely got outplayed.

Also, 100% on the Tap. With or without extra link, I'm getting money for those traces.