Fashion CI (Calvin Klein approved)

MrHuds0n 1189


This is the next big thing.

This is the deck to watch out for.

This is the R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶N̶E̶H̶ Fashion CI

I took this list to a 10 player GNK in Inny Wymiar in Katowice and oh my sweet Jesus... It went undefeated throughout the day, besting 3 Andromedas, 1 Geist and 1 Hayley, landing me my first ever tournament win alongside Dumblefork Whizzard. In testing this deck also proved to be very good against Şifr shenanigans out of Whizzard. I lost one casual game against Killian's Geist.

The deck itself came about from a list named Lakshmi Spice Factory by @saetzero and then its improved version by Chris M published on Meteor. I swapped out a few cards here and there and it seems like it did it well.

Regarding the deck choice - I first wanted to take some kind of a Russian NEH or another fast, iceless NBN list, however due to the idiocy that is Aaron Macaron I dropped that idea and instead tested a couple of other decks, including TheBigBoy's Sleeper Hold. Eventually I played against someone in (Sorry, I don't remember your name ^^') who absolutely rolled me with this and later sent me the list for it.

The overall idea of this deck is to get enough cash and draw to execute a wonky combo two times, score out two agendas and win. The combo is the following:

  • Setup: You need 2 Vanity Projects or 2 Global Food Initiatives on your hand as well as 3-4 assets (depending on which agenda you score), one of which has to be Lakshmi Smartfabrics. You also need Mushin and Shipment from MirrorMorph.

  • Clicks 1 and 2 - Mushin out one of your agendas.

  • Click 3 - SfMM out enough assets to put 3-4 counters on Lakshmi. Then rez everything and on the Runner's turn prevent them from stealing the agenda using the Lakshmi's ability.

There are certain variations to this. If you have Biotic Labor, it's essentially like having another click to install an asset, same with Jeeves. You can also use Friendos in place of SfMM. All the other cards are either econ or tech against something.

  • Fast Track is tech against bad RNG, which lets you pull out a second copy of an agenda you need. With Jeeves you can do that as the additional click, or use Biotic which is pretty good.

  • Enhanced Login Protocol is tech against Employee Strike. You can slot in Enforced Curfew instead (because it's 0) but this does work in addition to being a counter to the Estrike.

  • Crisium Grid is tech against siphon, it doesn't really stop it but makes it extremely inconvenient. Also Eater+Keyhole if you're stuck in 2015.

  • Project Junebug is my ultimate secret tech against the archnemesis of this deck - Film Critic. How? Well if I told you then it wouldn't be secret.

    Tournament report:

I'm not going to write up all of it because I recorded videos of all the games and will upload them to YouTube at some point (probably with Polish commentary though). Those were the opponents I played against:

  • hsiale (Standard Andromeda / "Fast" Pālāna) - Win
  • Killian (Faust Geist / BABW Kill) - Win
  • Agata (Standard Andromeda / CtM Tempo Tag) - Win
  • Tamas (Pitchfork Hayley / BABW Kill) - Corp split
  • Adamek (Standard Andromeda / Blue Sun Kill) - Corp split

My final thoughts is that I should probably swap out one Biotic with another Friendos cause that card is insanely powerful. I was also thinking of dropping some Jacksons since they didn't do much work in this deck (shocking I know).

30 Jan 2017 MikeJS

I might have been the person you played! Love this deck. Project Junebug is a very spicy include :)

30 Jan 2017 MrHuds0n

@MikeJSIt might have been you, yes :)

2 Feb 2017 h0bb35

I love that people are trying to push forward CI with Hasty Relocation and now Smartfabrics. How useful was 1x Clone Suffrage Movement in play-testing?

2 Feb 2017 MrHuds0n

@calvin There were at least three people who were afraid this is a CI7 deck and just refused to run the Suffrage once I had 20+ credits so I just recurred the Violet Level. It's also good the turn after the combo when people don't really run much (you have 4 cards on the table, chances are they will not run the Suffrage) so you can recur Mushin.

3 Feb 2017 Krasty

Thanks for posting, this deck looks so cool! i must test it.. :o)

@MrHuds0n: I think much more inconvenient to protection against Siphon is Sealed Vault here .. and also much more cheaper for "powa up" Lakshmi. And against EStrike could be a little protection Cybernetics Court .. and again - much more cheaper for Lakshmi Smartfabrics .. :o)

3 Feb 2017 MrHuds0n


  • I tested Sealed Vault and it just didn't do enough. If there's a Siphon spam deck, they will land those Siphons regardless or just force you to trash it eventually. It's way better to just stack ICE on HQ and spam the Clearances to get draw and money.

  • Cybernetics Court is trash and people refuse to acknowledge that. The ELP or any other current removes Estrike and actually DOES stuff. Cybernetics Court really doesn't.