SOCR 11: Kitkerie

bowlsley 510

My attempt to make a Knobkierie-driven Pelangi and Euler deck frequently led to me pulling out my console at the times when I least needed it, scoffing at the install cost, and passing on it, the bulk of my work being done without it.

Whereas my Corp deck was based on a much more successful existing version, this deck has been almost entirely my own work since I started getting into Netrunner a few months ago. The idea is to bounce Euler as much as possible in order to make use of (a) the free subroutine breaks, and (b) the +2 strength from Talut. The deck went through various iterations during the tournament, with Test Run, Rejig and Compile all making appearances, to further the same end. I went back and forth between Khusyuk and R&D Interface too, eventually opting for both but never quite being happy with either. If only there was a card that offered the best of both worlds, and I hadn't wasted all my influence on Knob...

I went 2-3 with the deck, and generally it frustrated me more than helped, but I did at least get a win over a solid Earth Station deck, which is an ID I've always struggled against. Otherwise I think my inexperience was probably what held me back the most, but I like to think I learnt something from all the games I did play.

Thanks to Sanjay for organising, and I'm looking forward to the next SOCR already!