Alphabetti Spaghetti: Top Mini-Fac at Philly Store Champs

Sanjay 3548

Imgur Image credit: me

Apex is a fun noodle friend, but sometimes Frankie and Alexa won't eat their noodles, so you have to trick them with letter-shaped pasta. Kind of a flimsy justification for a deck name, and I admit that paulyg's suggestion of Armagedmom is better. Please feel free to use that instead.

But I already had downloaded this image by the time I got that better suggestion:

Imgur Image credit: The Ocelot

I went 3-2 at the Philly Store Champ with this beautiful deck. I also Apoc'd a SSO deck, which felt better than any of my three victories.

The thinking behind this deck is that with Underworld Contact gone, Sunny doesn't really have a very easy time setting up some inevitable board state that is going to roll over a corp. So if you can't have a board state, why should the corp?

And once you start thinking about Apoc in Sunny, you'll find the Globalsec faction has a few really delightful Apocalypse enablers:

  • Jak Sinclair: Jak Sinclair is my favorite Sunny card, though he certainly isn't the best one, and in a lot of Sunny decks, you begrudgingly cut him to zero or one copies. But in this deck, he is an easy three-of. He lets you test the waters for Apocalypse in a very innocent way. He lets you get some incidental Aumakua counters. And, when you are ready, he lets you Apocalypse with a click to spare. Also, the synergy between him and Gbahali is very cute and you feel clever for doing it.
  • White Hat: White Hat has two roles in an Apocalypse deck. One, it gives you plausible deniability to run Archives even if there is nothing in the bin, so the corp doesn't always try and stop you. Two, after you Apoc, a White Hat, shuffling away some ice, can be really really devastating. White Hat is my favorite Sunny card.

It certainly helped that corps quite understandably didn't put me on Apocalypse. And it really helped that they instead assumed that as Sunny they need to go fast and put more ice on the remote. I probably would have done much worse if I had loudly proclaimed what my plans were when I walked into the game store.

But I went 1-0 vs. my pal Laura who knew what I was doing, and I think that's a pretty representative sample.

Questionable deck includes and future tweaks

I think this deck isn't totally unplayable now that I am letting the secret out, and I have a few thoughts about what can be tweaked:

  • Kongamato: These were pretty underwhelming and probably the influence could be used on something better.
  • Sunny's stupid breakers: besides GS Sherman M3, Sunny's breakers cost wayyy too much and I pretty rarely installed them. I think the number of them I have now is right but I could certainly see cutting them.
  • Security Nexus: I know this console costs 8, but it is really good after an Apocalypse, and sometimes you need to abandon plan A and just put down your big computer. And sometimes putting down your big computer puts plan A back on the menu, which could theoretically back on the menu. I think a 1-of is good.
  • DDoS is really good for this deck and maybe worth moving some influence around to get a second one. Maybe lose the Strikes and the Kongamotos? If you wanted another restricted card, Mad Dash seems funny, especially if you are pretty sure you caught an agenda with an Apoc.

As always, thank you for your indulgence.

I don't know if it's going to be a slow week on NetrunnerDB and this middling Sunny performance is enough to get any attention, but in case it does, I'm hosting a Store Championship on April 20th and I'd love for you to come.

P.S. Here is a two second video of the corp being mad at this deck

3 Mar 2019 Cpt_nice

I am conflicted. Apocalypse makes me want to barf, but I do love Sunny...

3 Mar 2019 Sanjay

@Cpt_nice just trying to build mini-fac togetherness while simultaneously taunting the Adam players at the tournament.

3 Mar 2019 CryptoGraham

Awesome! I wished I had played against it! How were you for econ?

3 Mar 2019 Sanjay

I was usually playing with pretty low credit totals until the Apoc slowed the corp down and then I could develop my money better.

4 Mar 2019 Sanjay


I watched the episode of Red Dwarf that that two second clip at the end of the write-up was from and it makes even less sense in context than it did from the clip.

7 Mar 2019 neuropantser

This is the way Sunny was always meant to be built. Underworld Contact rotating was but a prophecy. Praise Sanjay for reading the writing on the wall. Praise Boggs, who rests among donuts.

"For you yourselves are fully aware that the Apoc will come like a thief in the night; while corps are saying 'There is peace and no Security Nexus,' then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains, and they will not escape." - Spaghettalonians 5:2-3

9 Mar 2019 Sanjay

Um.... thank you to the 7 people and 55 robots who voted for this deck to be Deck of the Week. Yikes.

9 Mar 2019 spags

I not robit.

Congrat to you.

14 Mar 2019 Algebraic

I played against this deck online and there's vomit on my sweater already

15 Mar 2019 emilyspine

Congrats on deck of the week Sanjay. Really enjoyed the write up!