System Gateway - Criminal - Janquilizer

Bone.Golem 46

We're on a tight influence budget here.

Conduit and Docklands Pass are our key central pressure tools. They also synergize pretty well with Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler's ability.

We'd rather use Unity instead of Buzzsaw, but we can't afford the influence cost. We can only run one copy of Cleaver, Marjanah is there as a backup in case it gets trashed. We're running two copies of Leech because raising the strength of our icebreakers is prohibitively expensive.

Three copies of Tranquilizer because I like the card and three copies of T400 Memory Diamond to be able to play them.

We urgently need Card draw, so we're running two copies of VRcation even though it's costing us a lot of influence. Wildcat Strike because we have one influence point left and it's a nice econ card - I'd rather play one more Leech but I feel like we just don't have the MUs for that.