Low Footprint Meltwater-Powered Locomotive [Startup]

levktet 17

This deck runs no ice and wants to get money and cards so you can score as fast as possible, hoping the runner doesn't get the agendas before you do.

Might update the description later to explain the different uses of some cards, but it shouldn't be too hard to just pick up and play.

The Scapenet is for trashing Simulchips that could install Clot during your turn.

3 Aug 2022 Angelnet5000

Why not go up to 44 cards, so you have lower agenda density? Maybe a third Archived Memory or some Calvin B4L3Ys?

3 Aug 2022 Oddball

I agree with @Angelnet5000. Either Calvin B4L3Y, or Tranquility Home Grid would both be great includes.

4 Aug 2022 amargo.retruco

Also, adding to what @Oddball said, you can Red Level Clearance out a bass chiriboga and make a pseudo biotic labor