1st Place KoS Berlin "Und Nuutzen! - Once again!"

JackMade 2769

4-0 in the King of Servers tournament. I think i am gonna play CtM again. Calibration Testing and NGO Front gives this deck a lot of extra power it didn't have before.

Won against Braindead-Adam, Timed-win against Binder-Vengeance Quetzal, win against Tagme-Geist ( is that actually a thing?) and Gang-Sign Leela.

19 Feb 2018 Klopstock

Liked for the Braindead-Adam

20 Feb 2018 JackMade

And by the way, i fucked up the list. It was actually 2 Enigma and 2 IP Block. But whatever.

20 Feb 2018 JackMade

By the way, i made a mistake writing the decklist. There should be +1 Enigma and -1 IP Block.