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What up ladies and gents,

So haven't posted anything recently in a while, had nationals on the weekend for Australia played the usual Kate/NEH combo and didn't really enjoy myself. I did pretty good but the decks I was playing was the Same Old Thing I'd played 100x over. So now I've decided to stick to stuff I enjoy not stuff that just "wins".

Here we have my variation of Stealth Hayley I built quite a while ago, and here's how she works:

You have heaps of card draws such as Diesel and Quality Time having 3 of each means you'll draw as much as you want, that as well as Symmetrical Visage means you're making profit on any click draws you do.

Personal Workshop is here to lower all your install costs because with a deck like this you can afford to go slow or go fast, workshop helps us lower the cost of things we may want to install in a few turns or something we just wanna chuck from our hand so we can keep the hand we get from using a Quality Time.

The ideal opening hand is econ Sure Gamble or Dirty Laundry a draw card or two Diesel or Quality Time a Self-modifying Code or Magnum Opus and finally at least 2 pieces of hardware that are cheap or your lucky Replicator.

That's an ideal hand but any variation of that hand works, the decks aims at putting down cheap hardware either from hand or via Personal Workshop to then trigger Hayleys ability in order to play the next piece. So for example I have Lockpick on Personal Workshop it comes in on my next turn and I play another one from my hand. This works even better if Replicator is on the field because if Lockpick isn't in hand we can go get it from our deck.

With hardware though you usually wanna get Replicators and Akamatsu Mem Chips out as quick as possible so getting everything else is a lot easier.

Value for our time and money. Having Self-modifying Code out means that when you fetch during the corps turn you can trigger Hayleys ability again this time to play out some Cloaks. Essentially you set up quickly, there's no need for a Mass Install because you can afford to install strategically.

Hypothetically econ could be an issue but using the stealth setup as well as Net-Ready Eyes to make Switchblade a one already on your runs already saving your stealth setup for anything big and having Magnum Opus out you can easily click for cred and run in the same turn without fear of running out of creds or memory space thanks to our Akamatsu Mem Chip and Astrolabe.

There are flexible slots if you want more resources or hardware, each to suit their own playstyles.

That's about it, now setup and sneak in undetected, good luck! -Sash

17 Aug 2015 Deflepoard

Not bad at all dude looks fun.