Chris specifically disapproved of this - 5th Aldershot SC

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Chis Dyer specifically took time out of his day to disapprove of this deck.


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I originally had the idea when I was involved in some discussions where people discussed the decks they hated the most

There were those who were saying that CTM was the least fun ever - they get HHN and then ugh the game is just so taggy and laggy.

Then there were those who said that Mushin No SHin with all of its rusing and headgames was the worst of netrunner

Well then, to me, it seemed like the only logical solution was to combine them both.

To that end you have to start asking yourself; but what can you Mushin in CTM? And then I remembered how much everyone hated Breaking News into tags into exchange/closed accounts.

And isn't there a card that gives you a tag now?

Well hello Mx. Fly on the Wall...

I went through a few iterations and this has been the strongest so far. I think there are a lot of fair criticisms of the deck

1 - How dare I?

2- Isn't a bit poor?

3 - Doesn't Hacktivist cause problems?

In defence of point 1 I'd point out I did take this to Aldershot which seems the appropriate place to take a deck so seeped in rudenes.

In defence of point 2 I'd agree somewhat but I struggle somewhat to find how to amend the cards without losing another critical piece .

The same problem hits me when I try to deal with a problem like Hacktivist.

You do need traps, you need tag punishment, you need enough ice to make things annoying elsewhere.

A few card explanations that might not be obvious:

Reversed Accounts- Yes you can Mushin this. It is brilliant

2 Fly on the Wall - Was 3 but R&D needed a little more help so went up to 2 Quantum Kitties.

Thoth - It won games on its own. At a previous tournament it beat an opponent who was tagged to heck but I had no other ways to close the game out. It is also great to *give* someone a tag and rez the judge with no option

I'll probably tinker with this a bit more; I think if I'm honest there's probably a better shell for this somewhere in Azmari. But the CTM trace on the Mumbad Virtual Tours does feel very strong; and it protects the Reversed Accounts admirably.

In terms of my match ups on the day

R1 - Drew to Patchwork Maxx (Maxx was very rich and despite getting some decent scores ended 6-6) R2 - Lost to Val (Got apocced after a flood. Manage to tag them to heck but a Stimhack into archives protected by only a Resistor did me in) R3 - Beat 419 (Got Fly on the Wall into Judge early and the game state never really arrived for 419) R4 - Beat 419 (Managed to get a Reversed Account into HHN fires) R5 - Beat Val (Turn 1 Mushin Reversed Accounts, followed by HHN next turn. Nearly lost to tag me Val but Psycho'd a Beale for the win)

All in all I can't think of any finer compliment for this deck than the below:

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24 Feb 2019 rotage

Thanks for the games Guy great fun as always. As your R5 opponent, when you mushined that card I assume it was a Junebug or something, however I should have factored in reversed accts anyway and not run that turn, it was a error that cost me heavily

25 Feb 2019 CryOfFrustration

Paging Dr. @CTZ