[SOCR4] A story of a government takeover 4-1/0-1

x3r0h0ur 8752

4th after swiss, finished 6th (I think)

This was my swiss-army knife/rush Titan FA deck that went 4-1 (only loss on a last click RnD cough on game point), and then 0-1 in elim, as I blew myself out playing a risky line, instead of riding the atlas train. You could run 1 firmware 1 hostile, but I had bad pub, and the firmwares are so good to set up big ice that runners in cache refresh struggle with.

You lean on advancing ice and masscom early, and rushing 1 agenda out, either atlas or firmware, then use the counters to do titan things. Prior to NGO coming out it had 3 mark yales, and I think 2 calibration no whampoa, but as i climbed and faced more shapers, "JUST JAM" didn't seem viable, so I wanted to play a bit slower of a game, and counter indexing, so I put in more mirajus and added whampoa. Yale is really good. This deck is strong in full and Cache refresh, and you can fit a punitive package. You should try it!