Tennin Concept

NetrunningAmok 278

This is my first attempt at a Tennin deck. I haven't tried playing it yet, but I was hoping for some feedback. The idea is to profit whether the runner decides to run or not.

If they run:

If they don't run:

The deck is pretty hostile with Junebugs, Snares!, and Shocks!. The Snare! and Shock! work well with Yagura until the runner gets a decoder out.

When it comes to agendas, The Future Perfect is a no-brainer as it can protect itself and lowers agenda density. Both Braintrust and Medical Breakthrough have potential to be scored never-advance. Also they can be scored out of hand with Trick of Light.

The main expected weaknesses are

Let me know what you think and thanks in advanced for the feedback!

18 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

First test draw: opening hand of 2x Snare, Shock, Yagura, Ice Wall, Tsurugi. Play out all three ICE with Yagura over HQ. Giggle maniacally.

This is spiky as hell, I love it. I want a little more money though... Maybe Melange Mining Corp. would suit the playstyle?

18 Dec 2015 enk

Tennin is one of my most played corp decks and I do like advanceable ICE in it. However, my experience is that it's quite rare to get too many tokens on an ICE, so Commercialization might not turn out as well as you think. You're also taking tokens away with Trick of Light. My Tennin's a bit different tho, so try for yourself.

Personally I don't like The Future Perfect in Tennin because you can't never-advance + Tennin it out, and can't double ToL it either. But I guess it could be fine since you're also rocking Mushin No Shin and Project Junebug. One bug could also be Shattered Remains to surprise someone hiding behind Deus X.

I see no reason to not slot Philotic Entanglement in place of one of the Braintrusts.

18 Dec 2015 gammanet

wormhole is better than hadrians wall in most cases.

18 Dec 2015 NetrunningAmok

Thanks for the advice everybody!


Thanks, glad you like it. ^_^ I do agree that it probably lacks money. Especially because you want to have that 4 credits when they hit a Snare!. I really do like the idea of including Melange Mining Corp. Thumbs up for that idea!


I bow to your Tennin expertise as this is my first attack at a Tennin deck. I knew I needed more money and I thought with the advanceable ice Commercialization might be good. Do you think Back Channels would work out better, or what do you suggest I use the influence on?

As far as The Future Perfect, My thought was that if I was desperate to score it I could either never-advance and then either Tennin-ToL or double ToL to score. Otherwise I could bluff it out as a Project Junebug with Mushin No Shin. If I took them out I would be curious what agendas you think I should run instead.

Finally, Philotic Entanglement is a no-brainer over one of the Braintrusts haha Good call!


I might try Wormhole, I was thinking that Hadrian's Wall would help against D4v1d a bit since it has multiple subs, but honestly I doubt D4v1d counters will last very long if I manage to get my Ice Walls advanced past 4 so it's probably not a big enough weakness to worry about. Wormhole is 1 less inf as well.

18 Dec 2015 NetrunningAmok


I actually have one more agenda point than I need. If I don't get rid of the 3 The Future Perfect, what do you think of going -2 Braintrust +1 Philotic Entanglement +1 Ancestral Imager?

19 Dec 2015 enk

Back Channels could be better to pick up a botched trap but you only have 3. I could also see the influence spent elsewhere, and just pick up Celebrity Gift for money, or Melange Mining Corp. as was already suggested. The 2 influence could be a Wormhole.

About agendas: I'm not sure if Ancestral Imager is going to do too much work. It feels like a card I want to like, but I have no idea how to make it work. Your other 1-point choices might be better, such as House of Knives or even Gila Hands Arcology.

I think you should try The Future Perfect first. If you find it hard to play with, I think Nisei MK II is pretty good in Tennin because you can Tennin-advance it out.