[1st @ VPC CO] No boat, No Resources, No Problem (6-0)

enkoder 1047

Went 6-0 in a 9 person Startup CO at Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley CA. Aniccam hard carried me this tourney. I played 3 GameNet's, Two PE's, and 1 R+. Every corp was trying to kill me with Puni or NetDmg. Aniccam save me vs double puni in the cut and saved me countless times vs PE. The console is just gas when you have a bunch of great run events to apply consistent pressure while you build up towards installing your rezeki's and breakers.

Regarding your breakers, I opted for the strong late game breaker suite of Unity & Echelon. Be sure to keep your Propeller on the table as having 4 breakers on the board means you cross a very efficient breaking threshold of boosting by 1 for all ice w/ Unity and hitting 4 base str w/ Echelon. If the game gets to mid-to-late game you are typically golden since you have a number of ways to multi-access to victory.

My corp deck was Puni GameNet which went 4-1 on the day.