Undefeated Jinteki Spanish national (4-0)

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This deck was undefeated in the Spanish Nationals 2022.

Let's check out some of the ideas of this deck:


Here you only need to wait until your oponent makes a mistake. Until them you (actually) try to score. Scoring is one of the ways to pressure. The other one is making damage.

Why 54 cards

Protection against milling and too many tools for use.

Ice: A bit more than 6 because Stargate is a card that exists

I played against 4 stargates. If you smell them just ice RD and nothing else. There is enough ice to do it. Even with the boat they need to think to think how to break it all.

Bathynomus is great because even it cost 3 creds and this corporation is poor.

Anansi is always great but only one of because this deck is meant poor and the snares don't pay themselves.

IP Block works great as a cheap barrier and also combo with News Team so they don't go "tag me" and against turtles (no turtle found in the tournament, everybody was on a boat)

I have the three types so I force the runner to install all the solutions

Agenda suite

Obokata makes a great deal of reducing the agenda density that it's actually quite a bit hard.

Opening hand

You don't like to have much recursion in the opening hand. One ice is fine to protect HQ to criminals. RD to everybody else. If you have agendas in hand you can usually install some of them naked (specially a sting)


Just 1 Clearinghouse because you only need one to work. You're going to recur it if you need to. And if the runner doesn't see it it will think that it's already in the table and hit the other traps.

2 News Team because they work on archives and everywhere and 2 tags are lot's of tags. Many tech cards (Caldera, Stonship) are resources. The runners usually take usually the -1 that makes the pain longer.

NGO Front is the money of this deck with 1 Rashida Jaheem maybe I'm going to take that Ronin out and have another one (runners tend to fear cards installed)

Snare! -remember to have 4 credits at any given time or a ngo ready to shoot or just fake that ngo -. Urtica works with and without advances. Even 2 damage are enough.

Recursion: Spinny and moon pool are really good. Remember that Moon Pool actually costs money (as one la Costa) but they do the heavy job. Also remember that stargated agendas can only be retrieved with spin doctor. Be aware of that.


Mitosis is the economic warfare here. Lot's of stuff going on here. Remember to have cards to install (even if they are not advancable).

1 x Neurospike is just the cherry on the top when you're going to score a sting that was already advanced. Never used but it was at hand at the right time.

1 x Kakurenbo made me survive an apocalypse. If you don't fear it, it's just 4x NGO or something else.

1x Seamless Launch is a good economic card and allows to do all the kill combos or just go fast without losing tempo and going under 4 creds. Good in the opening hand and to start scoring that house of knifes or sting at the beginning of the game.

2x Subliminal Messaging for having stuff to trash to the Anemone and punish the undecided runner.

3x Blood in the Water For me this is an operation in disguise. I remember those days when you had the Neural EMP waiting for the runner to get bellow the exact number of cards. With this, either on your HQ or in the board it's the same. If the runner gets one card in hand you can always install, advance, score, neurospike!


1 La Costa Grid works well because you can advance something unnoticed. Put an ice before it. You can use also Mavirus to protect it with extra spice. If not then just tras Mavirus

Thank you for all the organization of the Spanish nationals to Tre = D

4 Jul 2023 Sentwo47

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