Sea Titan (5th at Reading CO)

FreeformJazz 178

Just follow the flowchart*

Runner list

Inspired by bblum et al's rushy manegarm ob lists, with some Stavka/Hafrun rigshooting now that boat is gone

Disappointingly only went 2-3 on the day despite going a ridiculous 72-34 on Jnet, losing to 2 Esas and a Lat. The Esa games were probably winnable with slightly better luck (lost both hostiles) and tournament experience (panicked on time and didn't play for a tie). The Lat with 3 simulchips was probably unwinnable :(

Some surprisingly good cards:

  • Malapert Data Vault is crazy in rushy Ob: you already want to score your agendas as soon as you can afford it, and tutoring Extract/Audacity on top is nuts. You can also fetch more situational cards like Stavka/Manegarm/Mavirus when the gamestate calls for it.
    • Having some bullshit to jam into the remote is also so nice, forcing the runner to waste precious clicks and credits to check it or risk a never advance/tutor with hostile.
    • Even if you don't have agendas to score, you can always Extract it for Rashida/Spin Doctor for gas
  • Formicary is of course here for the Manegarm Skunkworks combo, but it's surprisingly functional for icing centrals. You can often get to 4 points before they have time to find and install their killer, and the flexibility of being able to defend ANY server is so nice. Wanna stargate my naked R&D? Not naked anymore. DooF? That'll cost 2 extra cards. Getting ready for Apoc/Deep Dive? Oops I sniped it out of your hand.
    • It's not even cheap to break with MKUltra, and if they do find Bukhgalter you can always trash it for a special offer/malapert (If you trash with Azef Protocol you can even tutor before you score!) Saving on install costs is also often meaningful for a deck that runs very low to the ground on credits.

I'd probably change the more situational cards (Svyatogor and Wall to Wall) to another Sandstone due to more Aumakua than expected, and maybe a Yakov: PD-style remote jams was really nice pressure, and Azef => Malapert before your score was more powerful than I expected, even though I'm already on 3x Malapert.

*Disclaimer: There are spots where the flowchart is insufficient to win the game. In those situations you will have simply have to play the correct line™