2nd swiss German Nats - drop it like its hot

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So I went 7-3 with this thing during German Nats Weekend. 3-1 at the König von Deutschland Team Event and 4-2 in the Main Event.

2nd in swiss and then i dropped. My girlfriend and I reached an agreement, that i could go to nats, but only two days, cause we have a little babygirl at home. I was thinking for a while and talked with 5noopi about that and came to the conclusion, that i would never make top 8 in that field. Also Team Events are great and König von Deutschland sounded escpecially promising with bathrobes and Burgerking Crowns for the top team. So i decided to go Friday and Saturday. As i kept winning long talks were hold but I decided for once to do the right thing and go back home to my fam.

I was on 419 for the last twelve months and always played Nexus power tap. With Power Tap gone i was looking into other lists and got pretty much this one here from Patrick Gower. I also consulted Boreira and testet his corporate grant 419 and talked a lot with groenkaf about his list. https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58286/an-accountant-a-broker-and-a-warrior-queen-walk-into-a-bar

I figured that his List was the strongest and after seeing him play it i tried it. Robs list is really hard to pilot. I went 0-4 on jnet, told him I won't play it so he can publish it and went back to the Patrick Gower List.

I made two changes:

-Boomerang in for Caldera there is no PE in germany basically and Boomerang is bonkers

-3rd Bravado instead of 3rd dirty laundry both is fine but i like bravado way more

All Games against other decks then the tournament winning pinsel asa went pretty smoothly and i had no big struggles. Aumakua was the only breaker i installed in 80% of the games. Argus, Earth Station and Blue Sun had nothing that really could have stopped me. Against Percomis on RP i just found all of the Agendas on Centrals, while he only rezzed thimblerig and crick to protect those and i found engolo early. And two early vacheron steals against kloppstock on combo asa sealed the deal there as well.

Now to the 3 losses:

against arne on Azmari:

I was on 6 points and locked centrals. He was on 4 points with a scored 15 minutes. I kept him poor and then got greedy getting to much central acesses ending my turn on 3 credits while he had 0. Surprise Rashida into sea source + EoI swapping 15 minutes for ssl and spending a click shuffling 15 minutes back. I play some event next turn giving him 2 credits. and he mandatory drew into the 15 minutes for the win.

against Dome on Combo Asa during KvD:

found two vitruvius on r&d early and tried to keep up clearing remotes. and when he was on gamepoint a gatekeeper sub put 3 vacheron in a 7 card deep R&D. I went for R&D acesses instead of clearing his Breaker Bay Grid/Calbration Testing Remote while he wa on 0 credits. Ofcourse next turn he installed megaprix in there with a second cali testing, clicked for a credit and scored out. Just not thinking it thru on my part.

against Pinsel on combo Asa:

5 minutes left on the clock when we started the game. He scored a vitruvius and i had 5 single acesses on centrals but only found a single megaprix. He had 2 vacheron in hand but those are pretty great with 5 minutes left anyway.

I think 419 is in a pretty great spot right now and i was shocked that we only had two 419 in the top 37 players at nats. there is nothing special about that list. Just all the good cards.

Thx to all of the organizers, all the lovely people I met, Thx to Patrick, Rob and Borys for talking 419 before the tournament. My metafolks for helping me thru the entire weekend and Nisei for continuing that adventure.

I had an absolute blast

13 Jan 2020 boreira

amazing score cograts!!!