Loop Palana (1st @ Esslingen Regional, 1st, 3rd and 4th @Ulm

Cahuita 408

This deck is pretty self-explanatory and easy to play...get money, score an Obokata behind Data Loops and fast advance to win. I rarely put Kakugos and Border Control in front of the remote. Depending on the matchup I distribute them between HQ and RnD.

You have a surprisingly high number of Snare kills with this deck, so I usually use Preemptive Action to shuffle Snares back into RnD.

Enforcing Loyalty is the flexible slot and didn´t do much. I would replace it with a 3rd Preemptive Action.

Congratulations to Gegenzeit who became 3rd with the deck at the Regional in Ulm and big applause for Pommes who played an amazing tournament with it and won his first Regional.


29 Jul 2019 Pommes

Thanks for the list and the coaching; this was such a cool project! The deck went 4-1 for me in Swiss and was undefeated during the cut (double Gang Sign into double Snare cheese win included). Enforcing Loyalty actually won me a game by shooting MaxX's Engolo, which made me very proud, since it was my only contribution to the deck. Also worthwhile for getting rid of Hunting Grounds.

29 Jul 2019 gegenzeit

This deck one 7 of 7 games for me in Ulm. I started loosing when I had to play my Leela in game 3 and 4 of the cut ;)

(Note: I still was on version 1.0; Enforcing Loyalty > Reverse Infection; Sadaka > Envelope)

29 Jul 2019 Jakuza

Strong list, fun people piloting it to maximum effect, appropriate GIF selection. I award 5 out of 5 portions of fries.

29 Jul 2019 JarkkoRaven

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31 Jul 2019 Dalhill

I love Data Loop + Obokata Protocol; I played it in the last SC / Regional Season of FFG. Very cool Deck!

5 Aug 2019 sanjayshelat

This has got to be the next decklist of the week!!!

8 Feb 2020 snatch22

Why is this non-legal after 3.3? It registers as standard legal on Jnet.

As a side note, this is the one competitive deck I have been able to keep a 100% winrate with. Kudos to the builder, this is a monstrosity of efficiency.

7 Apr 2020 Nascosta

@snatch22 (or if anyone else finds their way to this deck) It seems to be that because the deck was created before Nisei CR 1.2, Anansi received errata after its creation. Since these flags are automated, the site assumes that errata might have made a difference in how you wanted to play it (rather than literally being illegal) In the case of Anasi, it did not have any major effect in how it is used.