By Hook Or By Khusyuk

Orbital Tangent 168

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People, it's hoo-SHOOk. Silent K at the front. Since this card is absurd, y'all need to start saying it right because it's going to be everywhere.

I won't bother listing tips on any MUs or anything. This deck plays the same in all of them, which is why I took it to two SCs (Mankato's Dork Den and Minneapolis' Mead Hall). I didn't do well, but I think that's me being terrible at Netrunner rather than the deck.

Basically, just build 1s until you can get full value Khusyuks. Play Equivocation to get basically 7 cards seen. Do FTE and multiple Khusyuk in a turn. The fact that it shuffles makes a double or tripple hit nasty. You WILL score. Rinse repeat.

Crisium and BC can be a pain. Navi Grid is auto lose unless you can clear it. Ark Lockdown is inconvenient if it hits a breaker piece for full 3x value. Otherwise there's not a lot of natural predators or ice to fear.

I chose a Pirate shell because it's fun, and I believe this is one of the best builds of it right now. That being said, Khusyuk is probably even better out of Wu or Smoke because of their fast, cheap rigs.

11/10. Would see 21 cards again.

15 Apr 2019 hamburguesa

I played against this at the Mankato Dork Den SC and it looked really fun to pilot. I immediately went home and cobbled together a version of this list. Thanks for sharing Orbital Tangent! One change I have made is an added Planned Assault. Once I have the rig set up I really don’t want to have to wait to find the Khusyuk.