TurtleBot (3-1 @ GNK)

Thike 1196

Came second at a 9-person GNK in Vancouver, Canada. This deck went 3-1 beating 2 CtMs and a Palana, and losing to a Skorpios. Winning against CtM is just a matter ofo practice and discipline. The Palana was akin to the popular glacier build these days, Squirtle and Sucker being the stars of that game. Skorpios beat me with a Hortum and a bad Femme guess.

This deck obviously owes some inspiration to the Mimosa build, but a lot of the core is pretty standard Adam these days. I chose Paperclip over Equivocation because I don't feel I need any extra RnD pressure, as good as that card is. Add in the fact that I'm afraid of being locked out and Paperclip is an obvious choice. The suckers are there to make Femme more efficient, and to increase the speed at which Aumakua becomes a threat. I really like it, but I still wonder if that influence should be for a Black Orchestra.

Always be running.