Future of Runner Health Care v1.0 (best 2018[D] Cybernetics)

Bl4nk3t 476

Welcome to the future of health care. New Angeles - a city where it's prohibited to go outside and your block is scheduled for reconstruction. Can you escape using your netrunning skills?

This is the best (and only) Cybernetics Division going 4-4 in 2018 German Nationals. (3 Wins, 1 Draw, 3 Losses)

Considering I met the worst matchup by far - Geist - thrice this is quite a success. This barely met my personal goal of not loosing more than half of the games with this underdog ID (in addition to being the top placed Cybernetics ^_^).

So what's the plan?

Well - as in most good corp decks, there isn't a single route to victory - it's just that one is traveled more frequently.

The default plan is to put the runner under pressure with Urban Renewal, threatening a kill with a timely Enforced Curfew (putting their Maximum Hand Size to 3 in combination with Cybernetics Division).

The runner is then forced to get in to a hopefully taxing server - mostly consisting of a Vanilla and Fairchild 3.0 and maybe the odd IQ or Architect. The latter is probably best placed protecting centrals.

If the runner neither gets in nor steals an agenda, nor plays a current of their own it's game - except for shenanigans with the likes of Geist: Tech Lord driving his fancy Sports Hopper or a visit by everyones favourite Citadel Sanctuary - and even then 4 damage (aka their entire grip) might hit something important. Like breakers or all the Levys and Same Old Things.

In any case - usually you have yourself a nice scoring window after the runner barely manages to get in - IAA an SSL would then be timed most fortunately.

Following that - rinse and repeat - you have 2 Restore to get the Renewal back into the server and 3 Archived Memories to get either that or the Enforced Curfew

The MCA Austerity Policy serves 2 purposes as well: Firstly to slow down the runner, costing precious clicks and credits not only to go trash. Secondly either three-pointer can be scored out of HQ with it. Without this option the Geist matchup looks pretty grim (this worked out exactly onve during a Geist matchups on the day of nationals).

Mumbad Virtual Tour and Psychic Field are there to play a shell game with the Bio-Ethics Association - the latter two might enable a kill, the first one might kill the tempo needed to get into the server.

It is sometimes difficult to decide weather a single heavily protected remote might suffice as opposed to having a non-naked lightly guarded remote for the extra tax.

Lastly - don't let yourself be misled by the dream of firing 2 simultaneous/synchronous Urban Renewal - usually it is too easy for the runner to contest at least one of them. Then again don't let your dreams be breams - start living them today ;).

Final Thoughs / Improvements / Variations:

The influence besides the Urban Renewal is best spend on redundancy in regards to the combo. For the day of nationals I went with the Bio-Ethics supported kill (which worked out exactly once). Also workable might probably be a Consulting Visit to get the curfew more consistently. Another variation might be to leave out one Urban renewal in favour of Executive Boot Camps.

My thoughts on the Virtual Tour have been that it's too easy for experienced players to play around them - that is if they expect it.

Thus the next iteration is avoiding the security by obscurity paradigm: as of this writing what I'm testing is modified as follows:

-Psychic Field; -Bio-Ethics Association; -2Mumbad Virtual Tour;

+3 Violet Level Clearance (to help with economy and find the combo) +1 Ash 2X3ZB9CY

6 Sep 2018 lukifer

Cool deck! Curious about swapping Hedge Fund for AAL, to cheat Bio-Ethics on to the board. I’d also change IQ to Gatekeeper, to help find combo pieces, recycle agendas, and punish runners who wait to run Renewal until the last minute. Definitely plan on taking this for a spin!

6 Sep 2018 EnderA

An alternative to IQ/Gatekeeper is Turing, to help against Aumakua, which you're weak against right now.

I definitely think switching out one Urban Renewal for some Executive Boot Camps is the right call. It would also enable including at least 1 more Bio-Ethics Association.

Alternatively, you could choose Mother Goddess as your MWL pick, (alongside Loki/Excalibur), and against some decks guarantee Urban Renewal lands.

I'm apprehensive about switching to Violet Level Clearance, given that your maximum hand size is also reduced. I think Ultraviolet Clearance is better if you want a burst money/draw card.

7 Sep 2018 lostgeek

I had one of the greatest string of events against this deck: Being stopped by Vanilla, using Egret on said Vanilla to get in and trash Urban Renewal, just to see overinstall Vanilla, Archived Memories for Vanilla, shuffle hand for comedic effect, install Vanilla.

That was such a great match. Great deck that I hope to never have to face again :D

9 Sep 2018 Vortilion

I still have nightmares of our encounter. And I’m still angry at myself for falling for that trap and not going for that obvious Bio-Ethics Association.... Won’t happen again. Was the fastest loose I ever had with Geist.. Thanks for the nice chat though. ;)