Cantrip Quilting [Undefeated/2nd @ Petrie's GNK, July 2018]

lukifer 904

It felt wrong bringing a Clanarch deck to a friendly GNK, so I brought this "Honest Anarch" Patchwork Reina build, going 3-0 on the day at Petrie's in Colorado Springs.

Here's what I've learned about Patchwork: while the econ boost is good tempo (free Wheel, 1 for Carver, 2 clicks to break even on Liberated), the secret weapon that are zero dead draws. This lets you run more copies for consistency, and pack situational cards you might not always need. 12 cheap draw cards are here to find the Patchwork ASAP.

I chose Reina mostly for the link; her ID ability is a good tax, but somewhat incidental. Depending on the corp, I facecheck less than Reina usually would ("I don't always facecheck, when I do, I Run Amok"). It would probably work equally well out of Edward Kim, or Valencia with Data Folding instead of Underworld Contacts.

The deck isn't all-in on ICE control, but it's got the toolkit to buy time for finding breakers and drips, or carve open a particular server. Run Amok sets up a win-win: either blow up ICE (shrinking Surveyor), or Inside Job for 1. Maxwell James is MVP; En Passant synergizes with both.

I badly need to add at least one Earthrise Hotel, but not sure what to cut when already at 46. Tempted to go to 47 or even 48; there's so much draw, I burn through most of my stack in roughly half of games.

Against Potential Unleashed (or any attrition Jinteki), you're better off not installing Patchwork at all, to preserve hit points. Against Skorp, it's probably wise to not let breakers (including backups) hit the bin if you can avoid it.

Above all, manage your stack as a resource and beware running out of gas. It's very easy to run out of tools and have drip as the only remaining econ, which is winnable but tough. (It helps to reduce discards during the early game, which eats into your precious quilting fuel).