Mutual Gains: 3rd Place Halifax Regionals

Ironcache 708

The Tournament

This placed third in a 26 person Regionals at the Board Room Game Cafe in Halifax, Canada. The tournament format used was 4 rounds of Swiss with a top 8 cut.

This deck had 4 wins and 2. It carried my weaker runner deck through the tournament.

Its counterpart in the tournament is here.

The Deck

To start with, obviously, this deck revolves around how bullshit Exchange of Information is. The two power plays are:

  • They have Global Food Initiative, you score out a Breaking News with a click remaining, and trade them. +2 points for you, -1 point and +2 persistent tags for the runner.

  • They have Global Food Initiative, you have a 15 Minutes, and then you tag them through whatever means. Trade up the 15 Minutes for +2 points for you, and for a click the runner gets 0 points out of the exchange and it's back in your deck to do it all again.

Straight bullshit. Even if you don't land power plays, the ability to trade up agendas with such un-restrictive conditions is exceptionally strong.

Play fast. Attempt to score your GFIs early. If the runner steals them, you take them back with a BN play later. If not, well, good?

This corp lost 2 games in the tournament. The first was in the swiss when Leela hit R&D 3 times and scored 3 agendas, bouncing my tempo so far back that my HQ replaced itself with a Tech Startup. This made sticking tags much harder, and I also didn't have a hand to play cards with anymore.

The second loss was facing down the eventual winner of the tournament in the cut. I put a GFI in archives to try to line up EoI plays, but he hit R&D instead a few times and scored 2 astros, a BN, and a 15 Minutes. I couldn't find a Jackson or EoI in time to prevent my archives play from blowing up in my face, which ended up sealing the deal. It was probably a misplay on my end after a long day of games.

This deck wants 2 things; a 3rd EoI, and a 1st CVS. Damned if I know what to cut, but I'll be tinkering with it.

30 May 2016 NuttyNewfie

I'm so annoyed that I missed that tournament. I had intended to play something similar. Congrats on the good showing!

Would you consider dropping Scorched Earth for the third EoI? I think that both serve the same purpose as a sudden win condition and EoI can play around IHW/Plascrete/Sports Hopper.

30 May 2016 sruman

Given the GLC's and 44 card size, I think you could lose some ice for what you want to put in. It may be sacrilege but maybe drop the pop-ups?

31 May 2016 Krugozette

I'm surprised you didn't include Midseasons, baiting out an agenda, I'm thinking Explode-a-palooza behind Special Offer, then burying the runner in tags would seal a lot of match-ups.

31 May 2016 Ironcache

@NuttyNewfie giving up scorched is definitely not out of the question. I didn't make use of it at all in the tournament. I do like it around for the secondary win condition though, and if you were to remove it for an EoI, you'd probably want to restructure the deck further to make up for the 4 influence (maybe Caprice Nisei instead of some ice).

@sruman I think I could drop an ICE, but I don't think I'd want to drop 2. I'd have to play with it, but you want to be able to ICE and score as aggressively as possible. That said. While we're on the theme of ICE, I think I'd try to fit in 2-3 Little Engine, probably axing the Tollbooth. Looking to score fast and cheap, and little engine fits that bill perfectly.

@Krugozette a few things. A) There's definitely no room in this deck for Explode-a-palooza. The agenda suite is so tight I specifically went over agenda cap. B) There's probably no room in this deck for Special Offer. It's not that it's a bad card, but I definitely wouldn't replace any ice with it, and the only economy card I'd potentially replace is GLC, which I think I'd still prefer to it. C) mid-seasons was a tougher cut. It aligns with the deck idea perfectly, I agree. However, it's also a 5 cost event, and this deck rolls poor. Hell I only used SEA Source once I think in the tournament; Breaking News is ample for tagging. All in all,. I think the deck idea you're pushing could have merit, but I don't think it's this deck.

31 May 2016 PaxCecilia

Totally agree on 3rd Exchange of Information. I recall at least 2 occasions I was watching a game of yours where having EoI in hand instead of a Scorch would have put you in a much better position. Great games overall.

Post the Kate deck. The fact that a Prepaid Yogosaurus Panchabread deck worked at all let alone won a few games in swiss is a hell of a feat.