here come dat bred!!! - 1st Place Dallas Regionals

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I've always had to be a little different. And that's how you end up bringing Prepaid VoicePAD (RIP), Dinosaurus, Gingerbread, and Panchatantra to a regionals. It performed admirably at 4-2 on the day, including a win in the Grand Finale to seal the deal.

I've been playing some version of this list for the past several months (shout out to @greyfield for posting some rad jank way back in February), but it wasn't until Sports Hopper came out that it really came to life. Sports Hoppers are pseudo-Plascretes, expensive Diesels, and 1 link all rolled into one. Having 4 link is rad.

I wrestled with what to do with the 2 Day Job slots for a long time, and decided there was nothing wrong with more money. Finding the time to Day Job can ease the pain of playing Sports Hoppers and Quality Times if you don't have discounts. They also get your bank roll up so you can threaten a certain red card..

Keep in mind that a common response to Panchatantra is going to be icing a remote with more ice, and icing R&D with more ice. This leaves HQ pretty vulnerable and you can spend all that hard earned Prepaid money on Vamp. Surprise!

Mostly I just wanted to draw a bunch of cards, get a bunch of money, be able to get in essentially anywhere, and hit R&D hard. You might also notice the distinct lack of silver bullets. I just kind of don't like them.


  • I try to mulligan for Prepaid usually.
  • Try to find a good spot to Day Job. First turn is usually ok.
  • Be mindful of how many econ cards are in the deck. Sometimes it's just good to Levy a tiny bit early. Your new hand is usually pretty rad and full of money.
  • Find Vamp!
  • Don't play Gingerbread without Dinosaurus unless you're going to get rushed out. The memory can be sliightly awkward if you do.
    Let me see if I can piece together what I played against.

Round 1: 0-0 Gagarin. Crap. I'd banked on not really seeing asset spam, and I get to see it right off the bat. There were Museums, Mumbad City Halls, Jeeves, NAPD, that kinda thing. I had a naked Chronos Project scored against me that lost me half my deck, including Levy. From there I got MCH -> Salem's'd to death with a SEA/Scorch I think. The whole thing took like 45 min. I get jittery in my first games too, so I wasn't surprised/worried about dropping it. (I got my revenge as the corp)

Round 2: 0-1 More green, this time Blue Sun. He was running Janus, 5 agendas, and Punitives. I killed an early Oversight Janus with Pancha and Sharpshooter. From there I kept my money up and tried not to steal 6 points in one turn. I think we both got to 6 with the winning agenda in the remote, but I stole the 6 pointer on a Maker's Eye.

Round 3: 1-1 This was a grueling match. He was on SYNC Exchange of Info and Scorch. I got real lucky with my Prepaids and my deck was absolutely singing. And then I kinda just blew it. He was down to 5 cards in deck and I saw all of them but whiffed. He did a SEA Source EOI on me to win it, which is something I hadn't seen before.

Round 4: 1-2 Haarp was picking up the slack, but it was time for Kate to make her comeback. Up against SYNC again, and this time I made sure to hit R&D more often. Gingersaurus cut through the tracers pretty easily and I think the game ended up being pretty one sided.

Game 2 of Top 8 : 2-2 Haarp went to town in game 1 so I was in the winner's bracket. I went up against Wompa and his NEH. I can't remember this match very well. I think I figured out pretty quick that he was on FA, and he had a few Sensies and SanSan that I didn't let him have. That's about all I can remember.

Game 4 of Top 8 Grand Finale : 3-2 I totally pulled a game out of my butt with Haarp in game 3, so I was still in the winner's bracket (I didn't totally understand the chart, and thought I had more games to play, I didn't realize until about a half hour later that I was in the finals already). I was up against Sam and his EOI SYNC deck. I saw the judge describe this as the least interesting game he watched all day. Sam got to 3 points before I had him pretty well locked on R&D. He drew through to some agendas I think, but my final turn was drop Gingerbread (to get through the Vanilla I saw), play Same Old Thing, and use it for The Maker's Eye to snag the winning agenda.

Final record : 4-2

Score one for the little Gingerbread that could.

5 Jun 2016 VixinXiviir

Master of Netrunner, and Master of Dank Memes. I salute you sir.

6 Jun 2016 Dothanite

Woah, with no Clone Chips I figured you'd at least have Test Run and Scavenge to Synergize with your hardware and 1x programs. Did you ever feel like you were missing anything during the tournament?

Congrats on the win, and with an amazing deck!

6 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@DothaniteTest Run is a cool idea, not a bad replacement for Clone Chips. I kinda just cut the Clone Chips one day to see if I missed them, and I didn't. I don't really have much I can do about asset spam decks, but I don't think there are a lot of great answers to them really. (My first loss was to Gagarin shufflepalooza slow grind kill)

6 Jun 2016 IonFox

@alientoyshop Super neat deck. What are your thoughts in dropping a day job for turning wheel, for some HQ multiaccess?

Also, would comet work in this deck, or are the dinosaurus savings on Christmas cookies just too good to lose?

6 Jun 2016 IonFox

@alientoyshop Alternatively, if the deck's econ is fine, what about day jobs for legwork?

6 Jun 2016 gozik

I'm not sure that you can use prepaid to pay for vamp. Is that confirmed?

6 Jun 2016 Wolfknight

@gozikNo you can't, if you refer to the X Cost.

6 Jun 2016 Haberdash

@alientoyshop Did you still find yourself using deus x and sharpshooter without any recursion for them?

6 Jun 2016 HiggsBozo

I feel like a singleton Scavenge (for putting your Bread on your Dino) has got to be better than the 3rd Hopper. Or maybe the 3rd QT. 3rd Modded? 3rd SOT?

I dunno. But one of these 3-ofs has got to be better as a 2-of and a Scavenge. Cuz then you can install your bread whenever you want.

6 Jun 2016 RedV

You, sir, made my day!

6 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@IonFox Good questions. One Day Job for a Turning Wheel isn't too shabby, but my deck isn't super keen on running a ton. I also tried not to have resources as much as possible (but 3 Same Old Things is just too useful for too many reasons). With 9 econ events it takes roughly 1 Prepaid VoicePAD to stay afloat, and 2 of them to be really comfortable, so I decided to crank that number up to 11. And yeah, Dinosaurus is pretty cool for stuff like Eli, Turnpike, Ichi, Lotus Field, Data Raven and stuff like that. Plus, come on, it's Dinosaurus man.

6 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@Haberdash Yes, Sharpshooter and Deus X hold me over until Gingerbread is set up. If I never thought I was going to net damage, I might play 2 Sharpshooters, but Deus X is still nice to have (especially against Curtain Walls and Januses and stuff).

6 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@HiggsBozo I may be wrong, but I'm really really keen on Sports Hoppers. They can save your life, turn money into draw for 0 influence, and you can keep them around to have a constant 4 link. The problem with Scavenge would be that most games it probably wouldn't have a target (but you could maybe swing extra SMCs into Sharpshooters again). The ordering of Dinosaurus -> Gingerbread is a tiny bit awkward, but it's just one of the quirks of the deck, and isn't usually a huge problem.

6 Jun 2016 Saan

What were your matchups in the tournament? I'm curious what kinda decks you faced =D

6 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@Saan Done.

7 Jun 2016 tzeentchling

I'm trying to figure it out, but the deck is basically designed to get burst econ, somewhat quickly get a Dinosaurus, Gingerbread, and at least one Panchatantra (ideally more) out, and then run on R&D at will (once per turn), right? Eventually establishing an R&D lock. Meanwhile if the corp is trying to rush then you can use a Pancha and either Deus X or Sharpshooter to get through one-ice remotes, though sparingly since you only have the one each of the "break all' breakers.

That seems hard to do, juggling all those pieces at once. You would also get set back if a surprise Batty or Keegan Lane trashes the Gingerbread. Obviously the deck can win, since you did, but it doesn't seem straightforward.

7 Jun 2016 wompa164

Our match in the cut was 7-6, good game and congrats on the win!

7 Jun 2016 wompa164

Reviewing the decklist I'm shocked to see 0x CC with stuff like Sharpshooter and Deus X.

7 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@tzeentchling The Batty/Keegan thing has pretty much never happened in all of the testing I've done (which is a lot). Vamp is a big piece of the puzzle, because even if there are stacks on R&D or remote, they're pretty much all useless when you're at 0 creds. So you can attack R&D with lots of multi, attack HQ with Vamp, and in general break whatever is on the remote.

7 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

@wompa164 Ah, I think you were digging for the BN right? On the Clone Chips, yeah maybe -1 Day Job +1 Clone Chip would have been ok. I consider the full rig to be 3 Pancha, 1 Gingersaurus, and 1 Inti, so by the time I set up I don't really have room for them. I dunno, like I said before, I cut them just to see if I would miss them, and I didn't.

8 Jun 2016 spags

o shit waddup