Reasonably Good Asa - 2-2 at Ntscape Navigator's SC (48/70)

bowlsley 504

SimonMoon wrote an excellent summary on why Lakshmi Asa decks are the best kind of Asa decks, and how to play them. Having been playing them for the last 6 months, on and off, I can confidently state that this is 100% true.

I made a grand total of 6 changes from that list, so this won't take me long to go through. The three VLCs that got eaten by SBL 21.05 got replaced by boring old Hedge Funds, because I needed that early turn money (Nico and the Doctor mostly make up for the missing draw over the course of a game anyway). And then my spicier pick was to cut one Biotic and one Marilyn (and swap a Sandstone for a Hagen) in order to make space for two DRMs - credit to Imrahil's NEH deck for inspiring me with that idea. DRM is fantastic with Lakshmi, and makes up for the lack of Cybernetics Court in the current pool in a way that no other card I've tried does. With a Jeeves on the board, one of my favourite moves is (1) Fully Op, draw until you find one agenda and a DRM, (2) DRM the second copy of that agenda into hand, and install it, (3) play another Fully Op or a Hedge Fund for even more cash, (4) oh look, an extra click! Now you can install a Lakshmi, a cheap-to-rez asset, an ice somewhere, or even just advance the GFI you previously installed that turn.

On the day it went 2-2, with both wins feeling fairly comfortable, but both losses coming against a very cool Sunny deck that completely blindsided me. Given the knowledge of what to expect from them I would have played that match much more differently, but that's my fault for not adapting quick enough during the games.

Cheers to Akira and her team for organising a fun tournament!