[Standard] Lesson about the Universe (2nd @ SPb Hush GNK)

discitizen 101

The universe... what a concept. You know, the universe is a little bit like the human hand. For example, you have groundmen's center right here and then you have undiscovered worlds and uh, um and Sector 8 and up here is Tittleman's Crest so you can kinda picture it's a little bit like a leaf or uhh, umm, it's not a bowl. The universe is beautiful. Something like, a new woman that I was gonna date. You're dark, and you're massive and you have a black hole and all of those elements I want to explore just like you would explore on a new date I wanna dive deep into them and feel around and just see what's gonna come out of that the time it takes to get from one star to another star is.. you see, you need to travel at the speed of light and us humans can't even fathom the concept of that kinda time cause it's really really really really really really really really fun to think about taking a speed of light ride.


Do you know that when you look at a planet and you seee that light, that planet's not even there! That's just a light, that's just your neighbor shining a flashlight right into your yard looking for coons, and he says "what are you doing in my backyard? with that flashlight?" and I told him "I'm shining, I'm shining in the window so I can teach your daughter about the universe" he said "get out of my yard and why are you communicating to my daughter? why are you in all black? behind my bushes shining a light into my house?" and I said "I'm teaching your daughter about the universe! I'm shining a light, shining a light right in there and exploring her room as she's looking out and exploring the universe!" I turn the light off and I see your daughter go to bed and I turn the light back on and I do swirls on her wall like a comet's tail. I do this every night with your daughter.