Gamblecam 1.0

poorhaus 412

Mission: a uniquely Criminal deck with a shot at being competitive. The engine is pretty well tuned and the deck's gotten leaner and meaner.

You may have seen Panopticon or other Bazaar Replicator style decks. This build foregoes Bazaar/replicator's overwhelming power but slow setup for a more midrange style. But it does add Spy Cameras unlike my previous build, once I figured out how to cut 5 cards. Turns out they're as great as everyone's said they'd be :)

Core engine

Thanks to the Techies, installs gain you up to 6 credits, a draw from Geist, and programs get an extra cred from Scheherazade when it's up. Spy cam is a perfect addition to this engine. The great thing about cameras is you can and should pop them as you're barely set up, unlike your breakers. This keeps cards and econ flowing and lets you know when it's worth trying to be aggressive. Once your breakers are out and up to strength they make you creds and draw you cards for running, stealth Andy style (though you net even more creds per run and can access cards too).


Interfaces and Turning Wheel combo for early and mid/late multiaccess, respectively. Spy Camera helps you snipe R&D early, or know when to HQ interface their hand, and deuces wild can call the corp's bluff when they think you won't know whether you can get in with your early 3-4 strength breakers. Mid or late, Freedom Through Equality speeds up your win. RDI + Turning wheel may seem like overkill but Turning Wheel is a late game card. RDI is a midgame card. Think of them like that, but get Turning Wheel down ASAP to start building counters. I think the deck's versatility comes from these three multiaccess cards.


Your installs are your gambles. Sure gamble is gone, replaced by Deuces Wild, a card that's good all game. Early, get cards and a credit, which is exactly what you need in most cases. Then draw, expose & run late game. Clutch. Influence for these came from cutting peddlers - see below.


I try to avoid duplicates that are dead but 2x forger is so you can be aggressive using your hoppers for draw on your first levy. Also pretty crucial to get that link early so you can install fast. Try to have a hopper and a forger down at all times so you can avoid a tag or draw, respectively, when you need to. Playing against damage decks definitely slows you down since you cant use hoppers for setup draw. Just FYI. Another reason the Deuces, cameras and offcampus are in here.

Pain for the Corp

Siphon and Vamp let you punish a slow corp that lets you set everything up and help make your Political Operative installs that much more efficient. Somtimes an early siphon can open a rez-free remote and help you keep setting up. Forger is killer for tag removal with Tech Traders.

Might consider 2x Polop since saving the breakers to trash a key asset/upgrade up to 4x a game is definitely nice.

Overall Pretty happy with where it's gotten to. Garrote is still a controversial choice over Mongoose. YMMV. Crowbars are your only codegates on a remote answer, but you're often running centrals anyways. What, do you expect me to run Peacock?

Changes discussion Took out the peddlers since this deck wants to see every card. Offcampus helps keep the afterburners on when you see it. You'll usually see either that or Scheherazade by mid-game, and both turn on the afterburners when you get them. Offcampus is weaker though since you'll usually only install Tech trader once a game. Could be a flex spot, maybe for a Quality time. I tried 1x peddler but trashing a levy is a mini crisis so swapped it out.

Crescentus bit the dust because of space and I miss it. If you take Garrote out for Mongoose you'll have the mem for it so worth considering. Honestly I might put in a 6th camera first though.

More tag avoidance/removal might be good. Right now the main defenses are Hoppers and money to beat traces and hoppers to not die. But if those fail it can be tough to recover. Dunno.

Same deal with assets. The only defense is cash. 1x Scrubber seems like it wouldn't help that much.