A(nother) dam good deck - 5th @ Bologna Circuit Opener 2022

mr_pelle 548

Heavily inspired by 2021 Worlds Adam

Significant changes

I chose to replace 2 Brain Chips with T400 Memory Diamonds because they provide real value in the early-game, where Adam usually struggles due to the limitations of its directives. It might look like a pessimistic point of view, but if we cannot steal the first agenda early enough we end up with a 3-cards hand limit which forces us either to play many cards and end up poor or else not to leverage our free-draw directive, which is not ideal. Having a greater hand limit is crucial for developing our gameplay.

I chose Carmen instead of MKUltra because it's more efficient against Ansel 1.0 and Anansi, and also because it can be discarded on Emergent Creativity for a free Engolo.

Councilman replaced Political Operative mainly because I run out of influence to spend, although it also provides a nice surprise effect and can counteract an unrezzed Spin Doctor trying to save an agenda on the top of R&D when we Mad Dash.

Boomerang is an additional early and cheap solution against rushy Corps; it can also be fetched by Emergent Creativity.

Finally I slotted a backup Find the Truth because the deck really struggles to win when it gets trashed.

Tournament notes

Game 1 (NBN: Controlling the Message): won the longest game ever by installing both Sports Hoppers (MVP) and keeping him low on credits. We got to 6 points each before I managed to steal the winning agenda from a 3-ice deep remote server.

Game 2 (Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design): lost because he was quite fast and I couldn't contest the scoring remote. I misplayed my first turn installing a Logic Bomb which made him put a second ice on the remote server, making it unbreachable.

Game 3 (Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design): lost a very long game. He got to 6 points pretty quickly but I managed to R&D-lock him, although never seeing any agenda on the top.. :( Jinja City Grid created a 4-ice deep remote server with 2 Border Controls, so it was only a matter of time before he could win.

Game 4 (The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated): pretty quick game, he couldn't find any ice early on and left R&D open, so I stole 5 agenda points from it (thanks also to Mad Dash!) and found 2 more in HQ.