Radio Apex

magikot 1975

Broadcasting live, from the Freedom Rally I'm your host - Apex, the Invasive Predator.

Are you stuck in traffic? Maybe you feel like your life is a Wasteland and every Heartbeat a Harbinger of loneliness? Give us a call and air out some of that Dirty Laundry!

Thank you for joining us tonight. Here's a little classic rock of yestercentury to get our evening started. It's Jimi Hendrix with Dolly Dagger.

20 Oct 2016 Grimwalker

Wow, it's creative and all, but I think Traffic Jam has never been a sufficient answer to FA. You're still going to get wrecked by Exchange of Information and [24/7 News Cycle] combos, BOOM! will be an unrecoverable tempo hit at the very least...I don't know. Do we know what his Flashpoint card is yet?

21 Oct 2016 Funshade

lets break down a few odd choices here.

you have 3x Wasteland 3x Hunting Grounds and the only thing that can really trigger it are Heartbeat and Sports Hopper. I'm not even counting the Hunting Grounds trigger because it installs more things your not going to use.

not to mention Harbinger is in the same boat. so unless you want half your deck for the occasional Bio-Ethics Association deck. it's super over the top. Stick in at LEAST Prey for it.

but right now I see no reason this should be Apex. other then to say "hey. I made a stealth Apex deck"