Please, Approaching Dangerous - Mind's Access!

l0velace 100

Welcome back to Deckronyms - Runner Takeover Edition. Today's deck explores my favourite thing about Padma - bouncing off of R&D to charge a card.

Charge your card draw early game, and your winning abilities later game. Once you've gotten going, if the outermost ice of R&D is easy to break, the Flux Capacitor/Mind's Eye combo becomes 2 clicks to breach R&D (for 2 cards, if you've played your Twinning+Cezve/Taka right).

One thing to note - in your head, add the line "Use this ability only if Mind's Eye has at least 4 hosted power counters". It'll make your life a lot better.

Cards that are currently in the "ehhhhhhh" category:

  • Orca - that's a very high upfront cost. which I'm not sure this deck can afford.

Deck Thoughts

This isn't a good deck. I made it, and played it, because it lived inside of my brain and needed to become real. I would not recommend it. However, it is kinda funny. So who's to say what the real best option is here?