Boom Sun - 1st place 20-person SC (Vancouver, BC)

Thike 1193

Took the Store Champ at Magic Stronghold in Vancouver Canada with this deck. Paired with a DLR MaxX identical to the one from Worlds this year. Both sides went 6-1.

tl;dr: Walk the line between scoring and killing. Then kill.

Best game of the day:

  • Turn 1: ICE HQ, Hedge Fund, Credit.
  • Turn 2: Credit, Credit, Midseasons the runner who just stole 2 GFIs. Stick 4 of them. They remove one on their turn.
  • Turn 3: Credit, Install Hive on R&D, OAI it. Runner removes one more tag.
  • Turn 4: Bounce the Hive, BOOM!

Some notes on cards:

Janus 1.0: This was the first time in over a year I'd actually run Janus in Blue Sun. I have been running a lot of DNA Trackers recently. They're great, but Janus is much more of a late game these days. When games go long, this is a good way to tax people out.

Bulwark: This card is good. Worth taking a BP for. Just remember to put it somewhere you want it to stay.

Contract Killer: I put this in here because I was terrified of Film Critic, and Snatch and Grab wasn't strong enough. I wanted it for that, for kills maybe, and for baiting runs. It did nothing. Should have been a CVS.

The third BOOM!: I've seen people claim otherwise, but I don't think you need it. By the time you want to use one, you'll have found one or a Consulting Visit. And Midseasons means you can often slow roll the kill while you find it.

Consulting Visit: is bae.

Scarcity of Resources: You need a current to fight Employee Strike. Full stop. This is the best one, costing a runner 12-14 credits in one of my games. Another game had 5 currents played in 10 turns. As Lukas intended.

5 Dec 2016 Epimer

How have you found the Shaper matchup? I've found that it's impossible to keep them out of the remote for the final agenda score unless you get the perfect draw and can rush hard while threatening Midseasons, the game goes long and you lose your outs.

I'm on DNA Tracker, though. Is it the Janus late game that's tipping it?

5 Dec 2016 Thike

It really is the Janus late game, IMO. I've often found the exact same problem with Medium/Reg Anarchs, and it makes a huge difference. I'm not sure there's an efficient way through it, other than the out-of-favor Deus Ex or an already-taxed D4v1d. It gives you another tier of gear-checks, for another chance at scoring or killing. Maybe some Switchblade Smokes would stumble less, but NBN is keeping them to the lower ranks.

8 Dec 2016 tzeentchling

Thoughts on changing Bulwark and Wormhole for a pair of Mausolus, now that it's out?

8 Dec 2016 Thike

More eyeing the Datapike and Caduceus slots than those two; Bulwark stays for sure. I'm definitely excited about its potential, though.

9 Dec 2016 nungunz

I keep trying and failing with this. Obelus, has wrecked me so many times. XD

9 Dec 2016 Thike

That's what Best Defense is for. :P