The Wizard (1989) - 9th European Championships 2017

Highwire 1019

The Wizard

This was the companion deck to my Moon 44 IG deck from Euros 2017, and is far less interesting. It’s a standard Siphon Whiz shell designed to play well in an environment with CI/ETF Moons everywhere.

The main differences in my list were the use of 3 INF on 3 Deuces Wild, for extra draw plus the ability to use the Expose/Make a Run clause early to scope out corp defenses vs an early Siphon; these were in place of a single Rumour Mill because with 2 Strike and 2 Hacktivist, I felt a 5th Current was overkill.

Dropping the 3rd Siphon for the budget Planned Assault also let that do double duty as a Spooned/Forked/Mad Dash tutor as well which meant I could go to a single Mad Dash and still hit it with some regularity.

There’s very little else to say here. Siphon Whiz is very strong, the deck went 7-3 over ten rounds and was my only win in the Top 16 cut.