Rude Deck Wins Again (5-1 1st of 18 at OtG SC)

Ajar 1624

My latest minor tweak to @boreira's original Rude Deck. I've been winning with this for a month or so now, and I'm quite happy with the list as it is.

SDS vs SSL is more or less a meta call. I've tested with both and like both, but lean slightly toward SDS because there aren't many Pawnshop Hayley players in my meta.

Wins over Reg Leela, Smoke, Inversificator Kit, Apoc MaxX, and Reg Val (stream links!). The last two were in the cut and were both < 5 minutes because I drew perfect openers. Just goes to show how fast a Rude Deck can go with the right start, although despite what these videos suggest, I win by scoring out more often than by flatline. Just play courageously.

15 Apr 2019 boreira

Congrats on your win! Seen the videos and it looks as rude as before ;) might play rude deck again since was playing mti lately

17 Apr 2019 phette23

Is Trebuchet actually good? It seems super expensive but perhaps I'm underestimating the value of being able to trash non-program cards.

17 Apr 2019 Ajar

Trebuchet is excellent. It goes on the remote, refunds 3c on rez thanks to Outfit, and basically has to be broken unless the runner somehow has a huge pile of money without any significant installed cards.

18 Apr 2019 BizTheDad

Congrats on the win!

19 Apr 2019 Shishu

How are you finding Excalibur over Surveyor as your restricted? I'm playing it in a Blue Sun deck that uses Crisium + Reduced service but it ends up being pretty useless versus Engolo/Laamb/Turtle + GPI.

19 Apr 2019 Ajar

I've never played this deck with Surveyor -- my original unicorn was GFI until SDS came out. Surveyor might be okay, but I'm a little wary of the nonbo with Border Control. It's also best in the late game when I'd really like to have already won. OTOH, the tag sub is very relevant in this deck. It might be worth a try, but I don't think it's obviously better.

IME, Excalibur is fine against Engolo and Laamb in a deck that goes this fast. The fact that they have to boost those breakers (or have a second breaker out) gives plenty of tempo for the 2c rez cost. It's bad against turtle, but that's why the deck has multiples of Hortum + Bulwark vs only one Excalibur.

21 Apr 2019 Longi

How much work do the Snares do? Is it enough to justify the influence?

23 Apr 2019 Ajar

The Snares are part of why I can get away with 12 ice, since I almost never need to ice HQ. They force the Runner to play a little more cautiously, while I can keep going fast.

28 Apr 2019 I_AM_G:\ROOT

I used a list very very close to this to come 2nd at a store champs.

It’s a great deck and fun to play (at least for Corp).

Changes are: -1 reverse acc +slot machine -2 mausolus +2 afshar

I Published my version under the title “rude deck wins again again”