Another Angry Geist, Copenhagen 3rd place (Undefeated)

skewie 259

Be Geist. Win games. It's fun. :)

Sneakdoor was great as always.

23 Jan 2017 kollapse

I really like Angry Geist as a archetype, congrats on a great performance. How would you fit Aaron in the deck as it stands? Any easy cuts based on the tournament experience?

23 Jan 2017 skewie

@kollapse, because the deck already has Hostage I'll just switch out one of the On the Lam for one Aaron.

On the Lam is great against damage decks and power shutdown+BOOM, especially since it can be recurred with SoT. I really want to keep it in the deck in some way. :)

Forger, Aaron, On the Lam and link is going to make it real hard for the corp to stick a tag on you. :P

23 Jan 2017 kollapse

Sounds reasonable. How crucial is the Levy? Been coming up against Geist decks and managing to snipe the Levys with net damage and Ark Lockdown in PU. Probably not much to do about it. :)

23 Jan 2017 kollapse

By "how crucial is the Levy" I'm basically asking if 1x is enough in most matchups. :)

23 Jan 2017 skewie

I'm no Geist expert, I only just picked him up one day before the tournament. But what I can say is that during the tournament I never used Levy once. And I played against two PE. (On the Lam did lot's of work)

23 Jan 2017 dawspawn

Was Peregrine worth the cost over something like Peacock or even Passport? You probably had enough money, I'd just worry about the tempo hit in certain matchups.

23 Jan 2017 skewie

@dawspawn The install cost is heavy indeed. All the steady breakers are there for the "just in case"-scenarios. By the point I need one of them (if that ever happens) I'm pretty rich.

Passport is generally a better choice if you can live with not being able to contest remotes with Code Gates consistently.

Peacock i just plain don't like. :P

27 Mar 2017 Nubaris

Hi, I`m noob in NR. Yesterday I saw an epic game in Jinteki against a Weyland Corp. You played with Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain and I was very excited with the deck. I built a deck with the cards that I remembered (#Maya , Account Siphon , Network Exchange , etc) but I would like to know wich is the original list. Thank you very much. Sorry about my english.

28 Mar 2017 skewie


It's still in the tweaking stages though, haven't decided on Snowball vs Inti for example.

28 Mar 2017 Nubaris

@skewiethanks! I'll been waiting here for Jasminder.