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Lets talk about Geist.

Smash your face into corporations servers.

This is a scrappy deck that loves to ruck in with corps ice. The more there is, the more targets there are the BnE suite to fire and make accesses for free or hopefully, for a profit.

Let's talk about resources.

All the resources in this deck are temporary. They are to be used for as much value as possible as quickly as possible. First click temmy, smash into Archives. Street Peddler into temmy is even better. Street Peddlers are amazing draw for Geist. Even better when they make money while drawing and installing. Fall Guy is a money maker/draw powerhouse. Bank Job is amazing to get back into the money game with after eating a Closed Account or blowing it all on a big run into a central. Same Old Thing has one job and that's to recur a Levy that ends up in the bin. Tech Traders are to make all your fun things make you money, and if you're tagged, entice the corp to spend precious clicks killing them off. PolOp is there to deal with pesky defensive upgrades.

Let's talk about being tagged.

This deck can be very safe against floating a tag or two. Or, going tag-me and giving the corp too many options to try and punish you with them. Sports Hopper protects against being flat-lined (until BOOM! turns up). All Seeing I hurts a bunch, but hopefully you can keep making those important accesses. No remote is safe against Geist.

Let's talk about events.

Account Siphon often, Account Siphon early. Clear the tags, unless you're choosing to go tag-me, then drop two or three of them to bankrupt the corp. Levy, then do it all again. Legwork wins you games. This deck telegraphs RnD locks and remote sniping, so a clutch Legwork when they think they're keeping those agendas safe in HQ swings games when you pluck them from their hand.

Let's talk programs.

It has a pretty basic set of pumpable breakers. They're cheap to install, giving that early pressure, and pumpable, allowing you to spend all that money you made abusing your resources and trashable installs. The BnE suite is a wonderful thing. It gets you into places the corp didn't think you could get. As soon as your link hits 2, the cloudiness allows you keep around like a sword of damaceles, taunting the corp that nothing they can do will stop you. Use them and abuse them. then levy them. Keep a shiv for double-stacked sentries.

Let's talk hardware.

Spy Camera. This little card is great. It's what allows you to fake out the corp. Force them to use a jackson when you know what they ran on was not an agenda. Run on agendas when you know that they're there. Knowledge is power, and they grant it. Don't be afraid to plonk one down, crack it for the RnD peek and draw. If it makes money too, even better. RDI is telegraph to your opponent that any access to RnD is potentially game ending. Reflection is a cheap console with link. I umm and arr about swapping it for Forger and never actually using the forger, but I don't need the temptation to turn off my cloud suite.

Geist makes money, keeps making money. Strategically go tag-me. Don't fear the tag, embrace it, and hopefully you'll shine like a star, rather than burn up under a scorched earth.

8 Jan 2017 caelan

very nice I didn't think about the political operative and have been wondering how to go up against sandburgs but now I have the answer.