FAIG (GNK 1st)

PureFlight 1028

FAIG went 2-1 in a small GNK tonight. Opponents were Whizzard (Loss, although Jake was pretty lucky and got 6 points on 3 R&D single accesses in one turn), Dyper Kate (Win), and Chaos Theory (Win). Thanks to Jake, Malcolm, and Jack for some great games!


If you're not familiar, Political Dealings is a fast advance card that turns your draws into clickless agenda installs. The deck basically needs 3 things to score:

  1. Money (Turtlebacks, PAD, CBG, NASX)
  2. Draw (Sensie, Agroplex)
  3. Political Dealings

Everything else in the deck either helps to set up your board, protect your servers, or control archives.

Card Choices

  • Boot Camp is another Tech Startup that also helps defend against DDoS/False Echo and Blackmail.
  • Cyberdex Virus Suite is obviously for Clot, but also counters a lightly-defended R&D from Medium digs.
  • Preemptive Action is like a Museum that requires less influence and less shuffling.
  • Bio-Ethics is just there as a must-trash distraction. You'll rarely kill anyone with this deck. I usually just rez them whenever I rez a Sensie to force them to spend extra clicks trashing it.
  • Pālanā Agroplex is just there if they're not letting your sensies fire. It's tutorable, so 1 is sufficient. I won't use it until mid-game so as to not help them set up.
  • Reuse is fantastic. Helps you out if they've just run archives and you need face-downs, or if they've just drained your creds. Works great with Preemptive.
  • Excalibur goes on archives and totally sucks the wind out of players without AI breakers or parasite.
  • CBG could be dropped for Sundew if I needed to free up influence.

Neat Plays

Sometimes we'll get to the late game without any Medical Breakthroughs being stolen, so scoring them becomes difficult. I'll usually feed them the first MB by advancing it once at this point.

Reuse into Preemptive is a great turn that sculpts your archives and R&D, protects your assets, and gives you money. Nice!

If they're not checking all my assets, I'll sometimes install the 1st Medical Breakthrough I see and leave it. If they steal a MB later on, I can just score out the one left on the board the very next turn.


Because of the "normal" agenda suite, Medium and Keyhole win games. The ice is quite powerful, so repeated runs through the ice is difficult. Therefore, ParaSifr with R&D pressure beats this, as it does pretty much everything. If I felt that I needed Sifr protection, swapping out a Crick and Chiyashi for two Lotus Fields would probably help.

If they stay on top of the assets, you can end up being pretty poor. Fortunately, if you're able to keep about 2+ econ assets on the board you'll be fine.

Employee Strike and Hacktivist Meeting are a bear. Clones is pretty much the only way to get rid of it if they trash your Political Dealings.

Thanks for coming down to the Genomics Division today! Don't forget your gift bag on the way out, and remember our slogan:

"FAIG - It's More Fun than Prison!"

8 Feb 2017 Cluster Fox

..this is beautiful.

8 Feb 2017 Station

I have been trying to build this style deck in IG to mixed success. Couple of questions about choices if you don't mind:

Agendas: Had you considered any Clone Retirement to help remove currents? Getting rid of Employee Strike seems to be a game changer. I like the inclusion of Medical Breakthrough, I've been playing more 2/1 and 3/1 then GFI to reduce density but that uses influence.

Operations: No Friends in High Places? Dropping one CBG gives you the influence (replaced by your suggestion of Sundew but I don't know what the cut would be to fit it in? Maybe the Tech Startup as you have the Executive Boot Camp or do you need both of these? A second copy would be nice too but without playing your version I am not sure you consider the flex slots? Have you tried a single copy of Diversified Portfolio? It's great for when you have a big board set-up but the runner keeps trashing your Economy assets.

Keen to hear your thoughts, I'll definitely be giving this a try, thanks for sharing.

8 Feb 2017 PureFlight

@Cluster Fox You're beautiful.

@Station I'm pretty wary of raising the agenda density because of how vulnerable R&D is. Strike is bad news, though. And a Clone Retirement would make it easier to score out. Probably worth trying. What would that agenda set look like?

I thought about Friends. I figured PA was better because I didn't want to run out of cards in my deck with Sensie firing a lot. I might have thought about it wrong; the more I think about it now, the more useful Friends seems to be. The way this deck loses is by not being able to build up the board state, and Friends directly helps in that situation.

Most of my assets are econ, so if I had a big board, I'd be pretty rich. An earlier version ran 1x Sandburg, so that could warrant Diversified Portfolio I think. Or switching up the PADs for some other asset and then including DP for money.

On flex spots: I consider this to have 6 - Tech Startup, EBC, Clones, NASX, the 2nd CVS, and Reuse. So yes, adding Friends and swapping Sundew for CBG is feasible. Try that and let me know what you think!

11 Feb 2017 YankeeFlatline

i've been winning a bunch of games on jinteki with this deck

12 Feb 2017 PureFlight

@YankeeFlatline Right? I feel like it can throw people off because it's an IG deck that actually wants to score.

I'll be trying out an RP version of this list next weekend at a store champ.