Aginchild 3.0 (5th at Worlds 2020)

Sokka 4367

Hey everyone! This is the AgInfusion I took to worlds 2020, dominating day 1A swiss before finishing 5th overall. I got flooded in every single game that I played with it, which includes mulliganing in 5/6 games and in all 5 instances I mulliganed into a hand with 5 or more agenda points. Still, I only lost 1 game over the weekend due to a string of bad misplays and it really shows the power and resilience of this deck.

My runner was the World’s Best Leela.

There were a lot of deckbuilding decisions and tweaks that went into the final list but unfortunately I don’t have the time for a full write up; however, I’m more than happy to answer questions and explain specific things in the comments. The one thing I will say is that I noticed that jinteki glacier really relies of Anansi as it’s main threat. FC3 fills this problem very nicely. Also, I was on GFI for the weeks leading up to the deck submission but changed to Obo last minute after being convinced that Obo synergizes well enough with Engram and Anansi. It means people can’t just walk through my ice and steal the agendas. If it weren’t for this decision, I likely would have lost a lot of games due to the flood.

Lastly, I want to thank my team for all the time that we spent together preparing for this tournament. For those who don’t know, House Hippos play Netrunner for 16 hours a day and only come out at night.

Also a big thank you to NISEI for everything that they do and keeping the best card game and card game community alive.

Always Be Running.


14 Oct 2020 Odol

Congrats on your result! FC3 does feel amazing in AgInf :) I am a little curious about Seidr Adaptive Barrier. Are you happy with its performance? My go-to choice for this slot has always been Data Loop, which is amazing with Obokatas in AgInf, but now your list made me wonder if it is not too costly...

I also find that frequent floods are a real problem, especially with 3x Celebrity Gift, which only adds insult to injury when you draw it with 3-4 agendas in HQ... Would you consider a suite with only 7 agendas, or do you feel like 8 is the right number and being able to survive the occasional flood is just a part of piloting this deck?

14 Oct 2020 Sokka

@OdolThank you! I’ve found Seidr to be pretty good! It’s an ICE that you prefer on the remote and it’s a decent tax because you usually have at least 3 ICE on the remote. Sometimes against Anarch sitting on Stargate then that can work on R&D as well. It’s a great ICE for the remote especially early when you’re just looking for an ETR for your Rashida. Data Loop is just so expensive and I think feels bad to draw sometimes. This way, the ICE is a bit more flexible. For a 4 rez, Paperclip breaks for 4-5 most of the time and there’s no other barrier that can put up those numbers against clip

I definitely don’t like 7 agendas. It took me a while to get to 8. I used to be on 9 agendas with GFI. 8 feels like the right number. Again, I got flooded in every game I played at worlds which is definitely not normal for a build like this. I believe in the majority of games, I played Celebrity Gift in the first 3 turns and showed 6 points, but I was able to ICE up enough to actually protect those points in many of those games. If you can push out a 4/2 then that’s best but otherwise, just glacier up and wait until you’re ready.

15 Oct 2020 CryptoGraham

I played AgInfusion too and got crazy flooded too! I have no idea how with 8 agendas Jnet decides to punish us so.

Congrats on the placement! The list looks great! What did you do to weather the flood? The two games I got crazy flooded during swiss actually had me draw all my agendas by turn 5 and only 2-3 ice.

16 Oct 2020 qvm

Played 8 agendas, also got crazy floods hah!

Also considered fc3, but was too scared of amina. Also atman 5 would be sweet against this deck:)

16 Oct 2020 Sokka

@CryptoGraham Rush a 4/2 if you can but otherwise, glacier up and let the runner tax themselves out going for HQ accesses. Don’t be afraid to play Celebrity Gift as long as you have a decent ice for HQ. In both round 4 and 5 of swiss, and a cut game, I started the game with 2x 3-pointers in hand and I played Celebrity Gift within the first 3 turns in each of those games.

@qvm Crazy! And yeah Atman 5 would be pretty good if there were viable shapers who don’t blow up their own board :D

29 Oct 2020 meta4

I'm gonna throw my name into the ring of AgI players who played 8 agendas and got crazy flooded at worlds. Must have been the secret theme of the tournament :)