Lockdown #15 NEH Fast Advance

SimplyTheOnion 43

This was my NEH list I brought to the 15th Lockdown costing me 5ID points.

I mainly chose this list because this lockdown a lot of corp wincons got banned out and I was struggling to find a winning strategy. Luckily a lot of asset spam tools were left untouched by the banlist and NEH is a blast to play, so I tinkered around a bit and ended up with this list. Additionally a lot of multiaccess tools and apoc were banned on the runenr side which are usually the best ways for runners to beat asset spam outside of dedicated hate. The deck generate a lot of tempo and run away with the game faster than the runner can say "3 installs again?" so it VERY fun to play.

The deck performed very well in the event, not dropping a single game. The most difficult matchup was cpt_nice with his Az Sec Nexus list. In most matchups I was able to run away with the game early on and the runner could never really catch up.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to participate in the cut due to time issues. Thanks to Vesper for organizing another fun lockdown and to DeeR and ArminFirecracker for testing with me a bit for the event!