Turbo Vamp with Slums (2nd place Cheltenham SC)

Circadia 2787

After getting tired of Andy and Shaper I was looking for a non-Whizz anarch to mess around with. @tf34 built a monster of a deck but knowing I was going up against a meta that was absolutely wall to wall Asset spam with a bit of Railgun, I wanted Slums and Hades. The Hades was mostly useless (dodged @cerberus and his giant cannon) but the Slums was absolutely clutch all day.

In the Swiss this deck had wins against CI7 (Double Vamp opening hand), three asset spam NEH and a loss to CTM. In the cut it won against @nemamiah's NEH asset spam but lost to the eventual winner, @timfast, who I believe was on the same list as the world champ. Didn't see the Slums in time and Friends wrecked me!

(Note: I cut the Spooned for a Slums but the most troublesome ice all day were Tollbooths and Archangels. I still think the Slums is better so maybe the Rumor Mill is a better cut, unless you're expecting Palana.)

If you want to pretend you're Reg Whizz but think drawing cards is for chumps, give this a whirl.