Disposable RP Prison (1st at Boise AAG Store Championships)

Tomasaki 52

The original concept for this deck came from this list: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/40845/prison-rp-2nd-place-at-huddersfield-sc-

I cut the single NASX and one CSM for two Disposable HQ. I believe this decision strengthened the early game considerably. As you can probably tell, a big problem for this deck is rezzing ICE in the early game, and coming up on credits is hard if the runner isn't paying for those encounters and they keep getting the money to trash your stuff. And in that same early game, RP is notorious for flooding the hand with agendas you can't score (even in RP lists that want to score). That's where DHQ makes all the difference. Better than Jackson, DHQ slots everything on the bottom. Safe from all forms of multi-access (barring a wild Showing Off).

If you can escape an aggressive multi-access runner with Film Critic or god-like psi game abilities, no runner stands a chance unless they are playing both Employee Strike and Salsette Slums and they are Whizzard and/or have Scrubber. And even then, you can still manage to pull it off, but it definitely gets miles harder. Voter Intimdation basically reads, "after the runner has suffered 2 net and paid to take a FAI, pay 3 to trash their slums." Cerebral Static cuts both Employee Strike and Whizzard credits, while also servicing to ruin Smoke's ability to break your ICE.

On the day, I lost only 1 of 7 corp games. In the first elimination round, an aggressive Smoke stole GFI, FAI, and luck-sacked the only non-disposed Future Perfect with Film Critic before I could find Voter Intimidation. He played well and this deck deserves to lose. But I managed to beat a two-slums Whizzard, and a Keyhole/Eater Valencia deck with 30 copies of Hacktivist Meeting (twice). There was a Whizzard player running Employee Strike and Temujin, but I lucked out in not having to face him in swiss, and got to run instead of corp in the semi-finals.

Nonetheless, if you wanna win a tourney, make a last-minute meta call and play the most unfair deck that you're familiar with. It'll only cost you all of your friendships! :D

My fair-play good-stuff Andy deck can be found here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/877815

21 Feb 2017 kata124

Disposable HQ did work, congrats!