string andy? that doesnt make any sense.

gammanet 80

I stole this from a guy on jnet, posting to share with a friend, simple power nap deck.

24 Mar 2017 Ephin_Antz

needs a rebirth and comet

24 Mar 2017 Krams

And I'd highly suggest an Account Siphon, otherwise, what is the Lawyer Up for? (Except being a piece of cardboard with the keyword Double printed on it)

24 Mar 2017 gammanet

@Ephin_Antzrebirth woudl be okay, but the only influence worth giving up is a dueces, and comet has a similar issue, what influence do you cut, and then theres on way to ensure you get it consistently to actually matter.

@Kramsaccount siphons great an all but really I don't see a point int adding the 3 cards without cutting something, mostly you just overdraw in the deck and discard. like there are 3 planned assault, but only 1 legwork, and I dont really see myself every playing wiretapes or running interference(though the card is funny to force expensive rezzes while your setting up. save for vanilla)

again, I didnt build the deck guys, I stole it from a guy on jnet to share with a friend, though i appreciate your thoughts on it. its by no means teir 1, or even close, but it does have a shaper-like lategame in that it has a very simple rig, and gets incredibly rich, it just has to get there. the deck has such hard counters I wouldnt bother taking it to a tourny(ark lockdowna dn chronos, and every corp is on a need for speed or assets right now)

21 Apr 2017 stimmyrobbins

@gammanetgreat deck I like the idea :P

21 Apr 2017 stimmyrobbins

Rip Deal will facilitate this deck. Waiting for that to refine a criminal version.