Legwork Whizzard 14th at Euros

Heinzel 1022

This is the Whizzard Build i took to the European Championchip. It went 6-3 during Swiss and lost both games in the Top Cut.

During Swiss i played against: 1 Potential Unleashed 4 HB:ETF Moon 1 IG 1 Sync 1 Scorpios 1 CI

Losses were to IG, 1 HB:ETF Moon and CI. While my losses as Corp were games i thought were actually kinda close, my Whizzard losses where absolute train wrecks. When you don´t have a good start against Moons with a good start you just lose. I also didn´t have a good start against IG so i lost that as well since i couldnt afford to go into archive once all game. And against CI you just lose with this deck if you don´t get lucky.

During the Top Cut i chose whizzard because my CI opponent was also in the cut and i wanted to minimize the chances of me having to play him as Runner. I lost my first game to HB Moons and went on to meet CI in losers after losing the Coinflip.

I first started building this deck when Scorpios was revealed because i was scared of the ability. It had 2 Employee Strikes earlier and that together with 3 of all the conspiracy breaker pushed the WinRate against that deck to 100%. After i realized that you probably won´t find a Skorpio if you´ve made it through the first 2 Rounds of Swiss i made some changes to the deck to have a better Moons matchup.

Leg Work: Is the one card that caught most off my opponents off guard. When playing against moon my gameplan was to trash one asset every turn and use the rest to either advance my board state or apply pressure. The goal off advancing the board state was ultimately to medium dig them. Most of the times Moons has scored agendas by then and since one ice is enough to make single accesses on hq costly i figured i´d put in a legwork. It´s also quite good against ELP since you can use it and click through a fairchild. Overall i really liked the legwork and it scored me a fair number of points.

Rumor Mill: Blanks Estelle, Jackson and Caprice (haven´t faced any Moons with Caprice though)

Stimhack: Lets you get into a server if you shouldn´t get in

Black Orchestra: A shitty decoder

MKUltra: Actually a decend Killer, especially with ice carver and datasucker support

No Plascretes: The Sync matchup is really bad. Sometimes i manage to Slums all the Booms and even then it´s tough since the still have Exchange, 3 2-1s they can just score and QPM. Also Archangel (see Black Orchestra for explanation). Since i think that even with Plascrete the matchup is still really bad i wanted to use the slot for something else.

Matchup Notes: I met Sync in Round 3. He had a slow start and i Slumsed at least one Boom.I had a good start and got to Medium Digging quite early against no taxing Ice.

PU round One: He Arc Lockdowned 2 Paperclips but since i played 3 it didn´t matter

Skorpios Round 6 (Day Two): I didn´t expect to see a Scorpios this late in the Tournament (i was 6th at this Point). Having 3 Paperclip also won me this game. He scored behind a Self-Adapting Code Wall Hunter Seekering my Paperclips when i contested them. I was able to parasite most of R&D and Medium Dig for the win. If i hadn´t scored the winning agend i would´ve checked the double advanced card in the remote (he didn´t know i was on 3 Paperclips) and would´ve found an Agressive Secretary locking me out of the game.

Overall i am not too happy with this deck. Having a bad matchup against Sync is quite bad since it is played fairly often. And i am not quite sure who is favored in the Moons matchup.

After seeing Maw in action i will definitly try it myself since it´s good against pretty much everyone.