Geist - Euros 18th place. (Best Criminal)

brainstorm 332

Geist may not be the best option to face an asset spam meta full of Estelle Moon but it is really great against everything else.

My hope was that with some few tweaks I could at least try to contest the asset spam. So, I added Legwork and Medium, as I know the Moon decks are not full of Ices and maybe with the Spy Cameras and Medium digs I could get the magical 7 points. Against all the other ones was just a matter of “Geisting” them :)

In the real World, this failed in every challenge.

Day 1

Game #1 vs Seidr – Win

Game #2 vs EtF - Lost

Game #3 vs Palana - Win

Game #4 vs Ci - Win

Game #5 vs PE – Win

Day 2

Game #1 vs SYNC – Win

Game #2 vs SYNC - Win

Game #3 vs EtF - Lost

Game #4 vs SYNC - Win

Game #5 vs EtF – Lost

6 Jun 2017 Icon

A very dynamic deck piloted by a monstrous player! I love criminal, I love Geist and I would like to play Spy Camera at least once in my life, so I will surely try it out! <3

16 Jun 2017 mohaymen

Almost all geist decks run 46 cards, any specific reason on that?

16 Jun 2017 mohaymen

Was maxwell james very beneficial? Wouldn't you rather have a 3rd same old thing?