Cache Refresh: Apoc Steve

bluebird503 1972

General strategy: Pressure centrals, use siphon at use mammon for safety mostly. Sneakdoor pressures them to commit even more ice. Remote camp them with Mammon/Inside Job. Gain as much money as possible, get Apoc and Siphons to hand. Apoc to wipe board, hopefully an agenda goes as well. (Be sure to burn your abagnale/demara if possible for bypasses and aaron counters for draw). Dean Lister can be a lot of $ for mammon.

The great thing about post apoc is its hard for them to defend again so now your going to get steve triggers and such. Prioritize getting a new Mammon online.

Have fun :D.

This is a deck that I designed to take advantage of apoc. Apocalypse is one of the strongest cards in the Cache Refresh format and extremely hard for corps in the format to deal with. The only issue is that Data and Destiny is not a very exciting box for runners to take advantage of. Giving up same old thing, daily casts and dirty laundry for apoc and independent thinking is tough. The problem with anarch and shaper is that you can't take their respective boxes if you take D&D. Shaper loses the recursion that makes it decent and anarch loses eater and is fairly broke. Criminal has a strong deck without Honor and Profit and Mammon makes the deck tick. With only a mammon out you can actually do a lot of work, being able to threaten most remotes in the format. The recursion of steve helps and if you must get things back that you had to flip over you have a single independent thinking.

Steve actually has really cool synergy with apoc as it allows you to recur key cards or your draw. I think my most common piles were like build script/deuces + sure gamble or something like that. If I could I would force their hand by giving two copies of the same thing so they had to give me something good. Never give siphon unless they have to give it to you.