Red Planet Express

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When you build your Mars colony, you need reliable delivery services. You need Red Planet Express! Score a Hostile Takeover and a Government Takeover and win the game. All thanks to the Red Planet Couriers!

If they steal your secret MomCorp Takeover plan, you hit the retaliate button and kill them.


1x Government Takeover is the backbone of this deck. It enables our two turn win combo, it keeps our density low, and it the tungsten round in the retaliation pistol of Punitive Counterstrike

3x Graft I have yet to score a single one but if you had to you could to get more combo pieces and threaten. Also, keeps density low and enables Punitive.

3x Hostile Takeover helps clear currents and close the game, usually only scoring one. You do not want to give away bad pub in a deck where a random access to give the runner a GT.


3x Jackson Howard. Martian kids need toys too.


2x Crisium Grid because it shuts off most multi access which is pretty much how you lose with this deck. Medium, Legwork, Deep Data Mining, etc. Also Account Siphon is a card that sucks for this deck.


2x Biotic Labor. We need this card because Red Planet Couriers (RPC) is a triple and we cannot protect a GT in a remote. In order for us to score we need a GT, RPC and BL in hand, 9 credits in the bank, and 9 advancements on ice.

1x Fast Track. We have low density, the turn before we combo we will occasionally need to fast track. If we have 2x biotic and an extra 4 credits then we can still combo in one turn by playing both biotic, fast track for GT, install GT, RPC.

3x Hedge Fund. Don't you worry about blank, let me worry about blank!

2x IPO. Scruffy believes in this company

3x Mass Commercialization is a hell of a card in this deck, It is usually getting me around 10 credits and I don't think I have ever fired it for less than 6.

3x Punitive Counterstrike is for if someone stops your glorious combo by stealing GT. Blow up their house and win that way.

2x Red Planet Couriers is the card that makes the deck go. We do not need three copies because we have a ton of set up to do. By the time all the advancements are on the ice and we have the other pieces, we will have the RPC in hand. Mulligan for it if you are worried.

2x Shipment from Kaguya speeds up our set up and immediately makes Mass Commercialization much better.


1x Changeling gives us more meat and gives us another way to gearcheck

3x Ice Wall is really good for early protect and we receive a return in tax from advancements

3x Hortum is the best code gate available to weyland right now.

1x Lotus Field is something that can't be killed or ice carvered.

3x Mausolus gives us a good taxing ice that punishes our opponent for going ham.

3x Colossus is my new favorite Weyland ice. You can keep advancing it to whatever level is going to be most taxing for their killer. It is just an incredibly solid ice especially for the outer position.

This deck is BoN because they get the small deck size for combo and they reward us for advancing multiple ice!

Don't you worry about employee strike, let me worry about blank!

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12 Jul 2017 Saan

Nice! One of my friends here in Portland played almost exactly this in a GNK recently. He FA'd the Government Takeover in 3/4 games he played with it, and ended up coming in second. It's a super fun deck =)

12 Jul 2017 TyrellCorp

Awesome deck. As soon as I saw Red Planet Couriers I got to work on building a similar deck, and landed on the same ID so I could make it as efficient as possible - including some 40 card versions.

Some other cards I love in this type of deck design: 2x Space Camp, often the only remote I create and people always run it. Also fires from archives to get me to the 9 advancements faster. I run The Cleaners instead of Graft but don't score them too often, and if I do burn a biotic and RPC on it, then I tend to be broke and lose afterwards.

I had not thought of Fast Track, what a no brainer. I also dropped one biotic but instead of Jackson I sometimes use 2x Shannon Claire who basically prevents them from finding the Government Takeover (Assuming they're not running Showing Off !!).

In terms of Ice: I always have a hard time staying above 9 credits while rezzing ice - I use 3x Asteroid Belt and often rez it for 0 creds, and an Archer for occasional surprise and rig-wrecking value, tossing a Hostile Takeover is no big deal.

Last comment, I have IPO and more importantly GreenBeans Beanstalk Royalties to recover from siphons, and stay above the magic 9 credits as easily as possible while rezzing some of the ice. Mass Commercialization seems better late. I ended up dropping Shipment from Kaguya.

12 Jul 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Saan NICE!

@TyrellCorp THanks for all the feedback and suggestions I will test more!

15 Jul 2017 Bombadil42

In my testing of something like this deck it seemed like Shapers with Clot+SacCons are pretty much the dire matchup. I experimented with Cyberdex Virus Suite and even Best Defense vs SacCons, but I was always reliant on them basically srewing up to win...

16 Jul 2017 helloledbetter

So I leave the game for 6 months, come back, and the first thing I check is which craziness Dan's been working on. I see this beautiful nonsense. Well done, sir, I'm back in the game now.

16 Jul 2017 ShreffDaddy

What is your thought on Hudson 1.0 for R&D or Seidr Adaptive Barrier instead of Lotus Field? Or can you explain what you're using Lotus Field for?