Nexus Ayla

5N00P1 627

This deck was going 4 / 2 on the Euregio and was a strong meta call on that day for the match ups I faced.

This deck is based on @beyokens Ayla build and all the credits go to him. I took it to the Slovak nationals. There I realized, I did never ever used Lady and was always happy with Inti as the main barriers played are a piece of cake, you break (bypass) them either with Security Nexus or use your Link or they are weak. I've never met someone stacking strong Barriers and in the case it's okish to use Into to Break it as it keeps it's strength, e.g. Data Loop. I've used the free slots to include a 3rd The Maker's Eye, Hunting Grounds, Salsette Slums and removed one Modded and a 3rd Sacrificial Construct.

Salsette Slums was a good include it won me one match up against an asset heavy CtM with AR Security. Against Jinteki the Hunting Grounds is great as it deals with Komainu and Data Loop.

My feeling was, Clot and Sacrificial Construct where nearly useless, except as Obokata fodder, but this was due to the matchups faced.

Matches: Game 1: PE: win
Had the Feedback Filter in my starting hand, got the Magnum Opus out Turn one. He has almost scored out, but by then I was setup and was able to check the remotes and steal the win.

Game 2: Palana: win
Scored an Obokata early, but he could not contest my Econ and when I stole the first Agenda, his 37 Creds where not enough against my 39 to double Punitiv me. Afterwards his Scoring Remote was a piece of Cake. He put his Assissin & Komainu into Archives :D making them useless Deck slots.

Game 3: CtM: lost
Very fast setup and I was not able to contest his assets and he got his combo to work to use MCA and to get it back via Team Sponsorship. I was not able to find my Salsette Slums and when I was able to contest him I was tagged & he top decked a 15 Minutes for the win.

Game 4: NBN Making News: win
Door to Door schenangians.... Was able to get Magnum Opus turn 1 and Rabbit Holes very fast. He got his Door to Door online Turn 2 and scored a Net Quarantine very fast. This was a bumper but afterwards his Scoring remote costed me 1 or 2 creds to run ;-) and he conceded sooner or later. I think this deck was his Nemesis.

Game 5: CtM: win
This time I was able to find my Salsette Slums very early got Magnum Opus running and a Political Operative I was able to dismantle his board, to get rid of Team Sponsorship & Commercial Bankers and when he put his MCA in the scoring Server I killed it with PolOp. Trace 4 from CtM was not so punishing ;-) while the AR Security was. But once this is fine. But he was not able to score or really hit me with his Hard Hitting News.

Game 6: CI lost
The only game where I was not able to get my Magnum Opus in turn 1 and never played this match up before. In turn 6 he killed me with a scored Brain Rewiring and a Contract Killer. Well done!

24 Oct 2017 RvdH83

I played game #4 and didn't stand a chance. Conceding was the quick way out. It surprised me I got to score out an agenda at all when you had Maxwell James and 3 Rabbit Holes online. But yeah, that didn't matter at all. When you were set-up there was just nothing I could do. Well played.

24 Oct 2017 5N00P1

@RvdH83 I don't think I needed to play well, but thanks!