Reina's B Moive

Pinkwarrior 2278

My refined anarch runner deck finally got it to a position i am very happy with. With answers to all the problem i see.

Starting life as an Oracle MayNull deck it's had a few changers here and their most notably Aumakua has been added to the mix I realised theirs no getting by without an AI these days, an Aumakua fits the deck perfectly with no other virus's to make purging less prevalent & higher link to deal with Macrophage plus Film Critic to allow you to take agendas without stealing them, all that plus it's cheap on the influence.

Day Job added over Liberated Account & Career Fair partially to save Inf but also to divert the pain of Scarcity of Resources and day jobs pretty close to the same benefit as lib without CF credits for clicks anyway.

Political Operative a must add to the build and where some of the saved inf has gone getting this down is usually a top priority and honestly can sit their all game and it's still doing its job, corps don't like spending money resing when this is around. Mainly it was added for Zealous Judge but it has proven its worth on many a deck taking out a Jeeves, Sandburg or the new hotness Mumbad city grid just when you need to.

Deuces Wild added over Earthrise Hotel to fill in for the lack of CF. Not a great swap i know draw power wise but it's flexibility is key here making use out of all of the options at some point in time weather it be expose and run to get that last counter on Aumakua or shaking a Sync Tag.

The Turning Wheel another card to add to the massive FC combo. Film Critic been my restricted card cos it dose alot of work helping me dismantle decks relying on that steal effect and still dose work on decks that don't thanks to the synergy of other cards in the build.

Trope my new favourite recursion card. Honestly i first put this in cos i figured FC was more important than Levy AR Lab Access and i could also use the Inf better elsewhere. But after having played it for awhile i actually prefer it, maybe its cos i see alot of Jinteki players in my meta but been able to put it down and only put some cards back into my deck not have redraw my whole hand. I just feel the whole thing is alot better and more valuable than people ever gave it credit for.

Sports Hopper a great card i've liked for a long time it's draw when i need it even mid run and link when i don't this coupled with The Archivist allows me to run Underworld Contact over Symmetrical Visage cos it's better to just get a credit every turn rather than have to click to get one with a card.

Beth Kilrain-Chang shows my Shaper roots. It's surprising how much work she dose and that click is all the better with Day Job now been in the deck.

Some other things that left the deck and why

Hunting Grounds as nice as it is it wasn't doing much FC handling stuff like kitty & Auma dealing with Komainu.

Caldera a nice card but Trope & Sports Hopper covers this one i don't run out of deck so theirs no need to protect me from Net damage and CF going means id be better of with Feedback Filter anyway.