Sunny knows best (Rogue deck Belgian Nationals)

Cpt_nice 1428

It is a good time to be a shaper player. Well, Hayley at least. While I do think Smoke is still a strong runner, she is not super well equipped to deal with the current meta. That is where Sunny comes in.

This deck is a blatant build to counter the strongest decks of the current format. A true rogue deck if you will.

  • E strike is a hard counter against lots of strong corp decks, CI in particular. It also turns of Scarcity of Resources, which is the bane of your existence

  • Drip econ lets you keep up with CTM and other asset spam. Jak Sinclair lets you check open servers and build Turtle counters. Deuces and Process Automation are for speed and because you have plenty of influence

  • Caldera combined with drip econ and 50 cards means you can deal with the potato match up.

  • Your link is obv a hard counter against CTM and its ice.

  • Security Nexus gets round mythic ice (Aginfusion and CI) and IT department shenagigans

  • Info Sifting is obv for CI and won me a game against the former Belgian champion. Deep Data Mining is for deep RD digs against any corp.

  • Citadel Sanctuary counters Rewiring and other meat damage and can be used for free tag removal against CTM, as you will likely has 3 or 4 link.

I am very happy with how the deck performed as it beat most of its match ups. Unfortunately my corp deck was a total bust so I did not end up in a good position. Sunny is a ton of fun tho and as long as the corp is not on Titan FA you have a decent chance of winning.

12 Nov 2017 Dazzler

Nice deck..I am a big fan of sunny. Which deck did you lose againts ? How did that match go ?

13 Nov 2017 Cpt_nice

@Dazzler I lost against CI by being careless. He had a brainstorm installed and managed to boost its strength so I couldn't break it. Didnt have Nexus out yet as I mostly expected clickthrough ice or gear checks. A clever include on his part

13 Nov 2017 Sanjay

This looks really solid. Great example of a good DDM Sunny list. Love the Maxwell James include.