Revised Professor

Pinkwarrior 2208

So i am a well known prof player and lately I've been rocking some Anarch so I've not really looked at the old prof for awhile. So here's my first attempt at a revised prof deck.

As much as i hate taking Magnum Opus as a restricted card when i don't plan to play a tagging style deck theirs so few resources in the deck and deck slots spare that i pretty much need to run it as my main econ, but also i am kinda playing around my Arnach deck without 2x core set duplicates.

Trope a fantastic card that's my non restricted Levy AR Lab Access. works well for Jinteki decks cos you can put it down and just don't worry about it.

all the rest is just good stuff Shaper programs with doubled up breakers cos theirs no Clone Chip's. This is to make getting breakers quicker and to backup the rig against rig wrecker decks.

Political Operative it took me awhile to figure out what the new best The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge inf card is, since Employee Strike is now restricted it seems hard to justify taking it as your restricted card. I think either this or Film Critic is the way to go certainly Levy AR Lab Access is a no go with Trope been able to fill that roll.

13 Nov 2017 h0bb35

Looks awesome. I will try the deck for sure. I would just replace MKUltra with Femme. Also, how's Ubax in testing? I almost always prefer more copies of Beth.

14 Nov 2017 Pinkwarrior

@calvin Femme Fatale maybe a good swap i was originally looking at MKUltra to use with Scavenge as a way of getting more programs back, but that's not really come in handy yet. Ubax is nice especially with Modded tho i actually think of LLDS Memory Diamond as my console. More beths are nice but you can only have 1 in play you can have both an ubax and a beth tho.