Tag-me-less Zahya-less Akiko

pouchsurfer 334

I was trying to build an interesting Akiko list before Parhelion came out. I don't think the list gets a lot from the new set, but Flux Capacitor convinced me to swap Daredevil for Boat, and the deck (unsurprisingly) gets better if you add busted cards...I thought of sharing it with the other Og Nisei girl fans out there.

Our win condition is Conduit, which we want to power up from nowhere using Contaminate. Both Psych Mike and Acacia help us recover from digs on RnD and subsequent purges. Our ID ability and Jailbreak help us to pressure centrals early, and force the corp to either let us dig or overcommit on defending RnD.

Flux Capacitor seems odd, but it allows us to power up the boat while we run HQ or threaten the remote getting ready to see new cards from RnD. Kyuban might do a similar job for us honestly.

Cards to consider and previous iterations

I was previously running 1x Daredevil, to install when needed and get value out of running a stacked RnD. It + Kyuban is an alternative to consider, but it means we give up some pressure on the remote. To fix that, I was running 1x Aumakua, which makes our Acacia all the nicer and can take Contaminate in a pinch to surprise the corp and get in a seemingly safe remote.

The first iteration was running Knobkierie (losing clip) to really commit to the virus theme. But with all the rig shooting options after Ph dropped, I think having self-recurring breakers which double as Simulchip food, and a plan-b(oat) is better.

Have fun!

19 Dec 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Have you thought about a Turbine based list yet? The leeches are good with your acacia gameplan but I think you could consider 1x leech 1x turbine (potentially with a breaker suite of Cleaver + Buzzsaw) - Turbine rigs are incredible at running multiple times a turn.

A little unsure about your Clot value here with 1x SMC and 1x Simulchip. Are you finding that to be enough?

20 Dec 2022 pouchsurfer

@Baa Ram Wu That's a cool direction to take the deck towards! Right now the deck struggles to run with Conduit 2/3 times a turn. A more efficient breaker suite would help.

Clot bought me a turn or two in a couple of games, but I think the plan against fast advance is RnD lock rather than Clot-lock.